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Sat 8am-6pm
Sun 8am-5pm

New Enquiries  0207 101 8947 
Existing Customers call 0333 015 1259 
Email us at JGEnquiry@jgpestcontrol.co.uk 

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      We Love Bees

      save the bees

      At JG, WE LOVE BEES! Although they are not protected, we do everything we can to remove bees without harming them, this goes for Bumble bees too. However, if bees, Bumble or Honey, are in an inaccessible area or pose an immediate Health and Safety risk they may need to be destroyed.

      It is often stated that bees are a protected species, however this is not true. Although not protected we consider the many benefits they have on our eco system and JG will always attempt to rehome swarms and remove nests without harming the insects.

      JG Pest Control is able to provide a same day response and emergency bee nest removal in the evenings and on weekends in many parts of the UK, leaving you free of bees and the inconvenience they bring.

      Do you have a bee nest at your property? Speak to one of our specialists by calling  0207 101 8947  .

      We Love Bees

      Site Survey


      Identify what access may be needed.


      Significantly reduce likelihood of people getting stung during bee removal.


      Guarantee no other bees return after extraction.


      Provide the correct leading expert advice on removal and prevention.


      Carry out the work effectively and rapidly in one day!


      Send you a fixed and detailed quotation.

      Depending on the outcome of the survey, and your acceptance of our quote, we will either relocate or eradicate the nest. Below is a very basic outline of the principles of the treatment. As every removal is different, your specific quote will contain job specific details.

      bee isolated

      Initial Visit

      Flying Wasp

      On Arrival

      On arrival, we will carry out a survey to establish the location of the nest and to see if there is more than one nest present.


      Risk Assessment

      We assess the area to find out what potential risks the bees nest might cause if disturbed.



      We assess the area to see if the nest can be relocated to prevent destruction.



      If the nest cannot be relocated, we will look at the possibility of carrying out an insecticidal spray to eradicate the nest.

      Treatment Process

      Relocating Bumble Bees

      Whilst wearing relevant PPE we will expose the nest, either with hands or tools, and gently lift the nest (with queen) away from the nesting site.

      This will then be placed into a suitable container. On removal, we will allow the bees time to settle, secure the container and remove from site and rehome at a suitable site.

      bumble bee nest

      Relocating Honey Bees

      Relocating nest if honey bees – whilst wearing relevant PPE we will expose the nest location, either with hands or tools, and gently lift the nest (with queen) away from the nesting site.

      Again, we use a suitable container (usually bigger). If the bees have settled on a branch or fixed structure that can be reached safely we will place the container under the swarm slowly, whilst lifting it to cover bees or cut bees from structure and secure the container. Where ever it is possible we will relocate the bees to a willing bee sanctuary or failing this in a wooded area at least 1-2 miles from the collection site (which prevents them from coming back). The few remaining bees will move on and join a new colony or die.

      honey bee nest

      Last Resort

      If bees cannot be relocated, as they inaccessible or an immediate health and safety risk, they can be treated using a chemical dust. The entrance holes must be blocked off a few days later to prevent risk of contaminating other swarms or hives.

      If you do have any other additional questions or concerns, then please feel free to call customer services on  0207 101 8947  .


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