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Bee swarm removal

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JG Pest Control provide expert bee removal services. London based and covering all of the South East we are able to provide same days response to all coverage areas. Emergency removal service available on evenings and weekends. We are the trusted professional that guarantees to remove your bee problem as hassle free and quickly and as possible.

Interesting Information About Bees

If you are in close proximity to the nest or swarm then you are likely to be seen as a threat and stings can be expected. We recommend bee nest removal as early as possible.

So when they decide to swarm or nest in your cavity walls, bushes and roof soffits it really is a good idea to call the professionals and have the bee nest removal carried out. This is where JG Pest Control come in.

There are many different species, and misconceptions associated with them.

Firstly not all of them are protected, only honey bees are protected, and even so, if they are proving to be a risk to health, i.e. in the home or office, they must then be either removed, or if access is difficult they will need to be exterminated.

JG Pest Control will always attempt to re-home swarms and remove bumble bee nests without harming the insect, however this is not always possible.

How do I know I have a problem?

  • High levels of bees in proximity to your property would indicate a nest nearby
  • They can co-exist and cause little or no problems
  • They begin to cause a problem when they swarm and thousands are in one area
  • If they build their hive in cavities around the home its a good idea to call a professional

Removing Bees From Your Property

JG Pest Control are experienced and qualified in removal of these insects. If you have a problem you will require one of the following services that we provide:

Swarm and Bee nest removal: Swarms are physically removed and this will NOT harm the bees. We are then able to re-home the whole swarm.

Hive removal: if bees have created their hive (the honey-comb nests) in your property, then this will need to be removed, failure to remove the nest can lead to much bigger problems. The honey bees creation is made up of sugars which attract all sorts of other pests, if this is left in a cavity ceiling for example, it will rot and ants, flies and other creatures will begin to cause you problems as they attempt to feed from the sugar source. The honey can also destroy plasterboard ceilings and cause damp problems. (This service is usually a lot more involved than a standard removal or extermination and therefore higher cost).

Extermination: if bees are in an area that cannot be easily access for bee nest removal then we apply a highly effective eradication treatment to the entry points of the nest, this will be in the form of a powder or spray and will kill them off very quickly.

For leading bee control services in London, qualified by BPCA/RSPH, call JG Pest Control now, on 0333 122 3110

Professional Bee Nest Removal

Never attempt to remove them yourself, stings can cause severe reactions and anaphylactic shock.

  • Fully trained in pest control and experienced bee keepers
  • Able to remove infestation including physical removal of swarms, and the removal of hives
  • Can also provide effective eradication methods for the non-protected species that have become a pest.

Quality Services

Guaranteed Service by Trained Experts, call 0333 122 3110

Guaranteed Service

Call JG Pest Control on 0333 122 3110 today for further information and pricing on bee nest removal.

Same day service guaranteed. JG Pest Control, part of JG Environmental Ltd provide same day bee nest removal at competitive prices.

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