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Quick and discreet carcass removal services

The removal of dead animals from your property, whether they’re little or large, is a job that is not only unhygienic to do yourself, but also potentially upsetting, especially if it’s a pet. Rather than dealing with the various logistics of the removal, it is more sensible to utilise the services of an experienced dead animal removal company to quickly and discreetly do the job for you.

Safe and hygienic removal of animal remains from experienced professionals

One of the residential services JG Pest Control specialises in is dead animal removal, from mammals to birds, throughout the UK – we cover both urban and rural areas within regions including the North-West, South-East and London, offering a wide range of potential jobs to take on. Our policy is to always get to your property (at your convenience) as quickly as possible to minimise distress and inconvenience on your part.

Unless it is in plain sight, you may not realise that you have a dead animal on the property until you begin to smell it. This means the body is in the initial stages of decomposition, and will be unsafe and unpleasant for you to handle yourself. Even if it is discovered before the decomposition process has begun, an animal that lives outside such as a fox, squirrel or pigeon will likely be carrying diseases that can be transferred to humans, so it should never be touched without protective clothing being worn. Not only will the JG team find and remove the animal and dispose of it in line with our waste agreement policy, but we will also thoroughly disinfect the affected area and restore it to its normal level of hygiene, as well as de-odourising if you require it.

To get in touch with JG Pest Control quickly about our dead animal removal services throughout the UK, call us on 0330 053 6086.

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