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Fly Pest Control London

Guaranteed eradication!

All our employees are professionally trained and we are members of the BPCA

Value For Money

We provide the best services in the industry at value for money

Customer Protection

All our services are all guaranteed providing you our customers protection going forwards



We are certified and insured beyond the industry standard. Rarely is there a problem we have not seen before. We have several years of experience in dealing with fly pest control. We are members of various Pest Associations and qualified to BPCA standards.

We are proficient in the use of the most up-to-date chemicals and techniques for fly pest control.

Common Flies Around Your Property

  • Blue Bottle: Blue bottles are usually associated with rotting flesh or food. Often attracted to rubbish and bin stores. Dead rodents or other animals are also common food sources for blue bottle flies.
  • Cluster: Cluster flies are often found in attic spaces and cavity walls. They use these areas to hibernate in autumn and winter. Cluster flies are regularly seen around window frames. Cluster flies do not feed from dead animals or waste food. They lay their eggs in earthworm colonies.
  • Fruit fly pest control: Fruit flies by name are normally associated with fruit. Usually fermenting fruit. The are also attracted to other sugary substances. Also their attraction to beer has led them to be branded with the nickname of ‘beer flies’.
  • Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are a nuisance as they bite. They are often found near water, this midge like fly rarely cause more of a problem than an itchy bite in the UK. However because of this they are considered a pest.

Emergency Fumigation for Flies

  • We have several competent technicians covering London and the South East.
  • Same day emergency response at any time (Emergency charges may apply).

For leading fly control services in London, qualified by BPCA/RSPH, call JG Pest Control now, on 0333 122 3110

Our treatments are extremely effective. Following a treatment instant reduction will be seen. A lasting residual chemical is also present this prevents flies returning for several weeks.

The process of eradicating flies.
Fly Pest Control

We employ several methods of eradicating infestations depending on species.

Usually the most effective treatment consists of a fogging treatment or fumigation.

We also use smoke treatments. Other methods include spray and powder chemical applications.


Remove Flies from your home or business
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Guaranteed Service

All our services come with above industry standard guarantees.

We are more than adequately insured to carry out all pest control activities. (See liability insurance document in the footer below).

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