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Hawking is an effective method of bird control and JG’s team of falconry experts can provide a schedule tailored to your needs.

There are many applications where bird of prey pest control will be effective. Common areas include universities, stadiums, public areas such as court yards and, building sites are often seen as attractive feeding and nesting sites for birds, but proofing cannot be completed if work is still being carried out. In such circumstances, hawking is an effective method.

Meet Keith and Harrison, one of our Bird Of Prey teams.

How Hawking Works

The method sees hawks and falcons fly through bird infested areas to scare them away. Although pigeons, gulls, magpies and other birds are natural prey to hawks and falcons, our birds are trained to scare, not to kill.

A prolonged bird of prey flight programme teaches pigeons and other birds that the area is unsafe, encouraging them to move on to another area.

To be as effective as possible, often areas will require several flights over a prolonged period of time. Regular flights are a good control measure for most types of birds, in and out of urban areas.

Hawking is a very effective way of deterring birds from football stadiums, universities and other large areas.


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We offer professional bird of prey pest control using Hawks and Falcons in and around Greater London and the South East, certified and by qualified RSPH technicians.


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