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Contraband Netting

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Contraband netting is commonly used in prisons and other high-security facilities where outside parties attempt to smuggle in substances banned by the institution. Rather than concealing these packages on themselves, they may attempt to gain access to the building via unguarded areas such as drains, windows or open spaces such as exercise areas. Contraband netting is therefore used to ensure that no unauthorised persons can access those areas in any way.

JG Pest Control is a specialist installer of contraband netting – while we most often work with netting designed to prevent the easy access of animals and birds to gardens and houses, contraband netting follows many of the same principles. We have worked with facilities all over the UK to supply nets which are extremely chemical and weather-resistant – this is important because they are usually installed in uncovered, outdoor areas – in addition to boasting the highest flame-retardant rating on the market, so they can’t be removed and they won’t erode away over time.

With years of experience under our belts and hundreds of happy customers, JG is one of the UK’s leading contraband netting suppliers and can help regardless of the type of facility involved or its location. Additionally, we maintain an extremely discreet and professional service at all times – your privacy is our number-one concern.

To further explore the possibilities of our contraband netting installation services near you, call us on  0333 015 1259  .

Acts as a barrier to all foreign objects in sensitive areas

What you get is a premium anti-drug netting installation service. Our nets are highly chemical and weather resistant. This offers the highest level of fire-retardant netting available on the market today.

Any risk of drug, contraband or other foreign object contaminating your site will be removed immediately. We use up-to-date industry techniques. Our technicians are trustworthy and highly qualified.

We have many years of drug netting experience and many satisfied clients. Stop drugs or other materials contaminating a restricted area. We provide a guarantee on every job we undertake.

Made to Measure Contraband Netting Solutions

Because no two jobs are ever likely to be the same, we have a varied supply of equally durable equipment that can be used to secure contraband netting to any area of a building that could be a potential entry point. This immediately removes the risk of the facility becoming contaminated and allows us to work on any structure or entry point.

Our number is:  0333 015 1259  Alternatively email [email protected]. (Emergency emails always answered even out of hours).

Impenetrable Physical Barrier

Our nets are the latest high tech solutions that are guaranteed to last.

These nets will act as a deterrent to all foreign objects entering restricted zones.

We are one of the UK’s largest anti-drug netting installers. We offer one of the most effective deterrents to suit your individual needs.

The Ultimate Protection for a Secure Solution

All of our technicians are qualified and very experienced. We are and knowledgeable and friendly to work with. We will ensure that all your contraband netting needs are met.

If you require our assistance to provide a secure drug netting system call us now.
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