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Silverfish are commonly found across London. They prefer damp and humid areas, so bathrooms and kitchens are target areas for these pests.

These insects can make areas of your home unhygienic if an infestation is left untended. Whilst it isn’t uncommon to see the odd silverfish in kitchen or bathroom cupboards, they breed quickly, so you should keep a close eye on silverfish activity in your home.

JG will eradicate any silverfish problem you have. For free advice, call us on  020 7183 8906 

How to tell if you have a silverfish infestation

Problems with damp in the home can attract infestations of silverfish, as these are the conditions they thrive in. Keep an eye on dark corners, under sinks and in the backs of cupboards if you have spotted silverfish around your home, in case an infestation has taken root.

As silverfish are nocturnal, it may be difficult to see them during the day, so finding the site of the infestation is key. You might be able to spot an adult silverfish running for cover as you turn on a light, but eggs are a lot smaller and harder to find, so it’s important that you get professional help if you think you might have a serious infestation.

How to get rid of silverfish

It is easy for you to get rid of the odd silverfish yourself, but it is recommended that you contact a professional to deal with a full-blown infestation.

When dealing with a silverfish infestation, JG Pest Control technicians use sugar-based insecticidal sprays and powders, as silverfish are naturally attracted to sugar-based products.

If you want to aid our methods before we begin, you can use a dehumidifier or heater in the affected area to discourage the silverfish activity.

For leading Silverfish pest control services in London, by qualified RSPH technicians, call JG Pest Control now, on  020 7183 8906 

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Guaranteed Silverfish Treatment

At JG Pest Control, we aim to reach our London callouts in 1-2 hours. We also offer a guaranteed eradication on silverfish infestations, so in the unlikely event that the problem persists, we will come back free of charge to treat it.
For leading silverfish pest control services in London, call us now on  020 7183 8906 .

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