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Bird Restriction Methods


There are many different bird proofing methods available, depending on your requirements, the exact issues you have and the type of building or area you want to deter birds from. JG Pest Control are fully certified specialists in the industry, operating throughout the UK. Our surveyors will be able to highlight areas of concern and suggest which bird proofing methods to use.

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Examples of bird proofing we can install

Bird Netting and Mesh
Netting and mesh are a common methods used to deter birds. It’s very versatile and is often used to cover larger areas, such as loading bays, plant and machinery and air-conditioning units. Depending on the building type, the netting can be raised so it causes no disruption to what is below.

Bird spikes
Spikes physically prevent a bird from landing in a specific area. They’re often used on windowsills and ledges.

Pin and wire systems
More subtle than spikes, pin and wire systems can be very effective to deter birds from certain surfaces.

Floating covers and bird deterrent balls
Floating covers and deterrent balls camouflage water surfaces, such as reservoirs, to reduce the amount of birds that are naturally attracted to these areas.


Hawking is used to scare other birds away by flying a bird of prey through the area they are in. For more information see our section on pest control using bird of prey.

If appropriate, we are also able to offer shooting and trapping, along with bird nest removal services.

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