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Lines Open:
Mon-Thurs 7am-8:30pm
Fri 7am-7pm
Sat 8am-6pm
Sun 8am-5pm

New Enquiries  0207 101 8945 
Existing Customers call 0333 015 1259 
Email us at PestEnquiry@jgpestcontrol.co.uk 

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Anti Viral Cleaning

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Specialist Deep Clean Services

At JG we are specialists in deep cleaning solutions. We strive to offer the most responsive, professional service available on the market.

Our primary areas of intervention are industrial hygiene, commercial hygiene, and clinical hygiene.Our services include sterilisation, disinfection, and decontamination, and we work with your management to ensure we offer an appropriate level of deep cleaning for your sector, and your particular setting.

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What is a Deep Clean?

Deep cleaning involves a controlled and structured clean that is more thorough and detailed than a standard clean. We are experts at ensuring that everything in an environment is cleaned and that no contamination is moved between dirty and clean areas through the process.

We move through a step-by-step procedure ensuring a logical process is followed. We use the appropriate level of cleaning agent for each area, creating a clean environment, with a reduced presence of microorganisms.

We Treat Each Project As Unique

We understand each setting has a unique set of requirements and a unique function. For example, in operating theatres there is a high risk of infection to patients, and it is a very sensitive environment where microbial outbreaks can lead to loss of life. In these settings, we always recommend a thorough decontamination process on a regular basis.

In food production environments deep cleaning may be carried out with a less toxic substance than hydrogen peroxide, which is used for decontamination.

We always work with you to understand your functional requirements, health and safety regulations, and will provide you with the benefit of our expertise to create a regular cleaning plan that ensures a safe and hygienic environment that is compliant with the current regulations in your sector.

BioDecon Flexible Deep Cleaning Solution

We can work with you on a one-off basis for an emergency deep clean, or on a contract basis, where we come to you on a regular schedule to maintain a healthy, hygienic environment. We are also able to be flexible in how we clean depending on the current situation.

We offer specialist anti viral cleaning services with a 2 hour response time, call JG Pest Control now, on  0330 053 9001 

Working Around Your Schedule

We understand that in many businesses and organisations it’s important to work around our clients. We, therefore, offer an out of hours deep cleaning service that can be deployed when you are not working, therefore creating minimal disruption to your operation. We are as flexible as possible regarding when we work, how we work and what we do. The only thing we will not compromise on is quality, and we will aim to provide a result that is the best possible environment for your particular functional requirements.

Emergency, Rapid Response Deep Cleaning Solutions

We work in a number of sectors including, healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, food production and MID/law enforcement/defence. We understand that from time to time there is an urgent requirement for a deep clean.

We even work at terrorist incidents to deep clean and sterilise the environment. In every situation, we are sensitive to the image being portrayed and can work fast when required, discreetly as required, and always to the protocols of our clients. We seek to be an extension of their health, safety and hygiene functions to work in a way that suits the situation.

Cutting-edge Technology and Best Practice

Our goal is always to stay ahead of the game regarding the technology we use and the processes we follow.For example, when we run our decontamination service we use hydrogen peroxide, and then use enzyme indicators to check the environment, providing immediate decontamination assurance.

We, ensure our training is continually updated and that our staff are fully accredited to use the materials they use, and I are experienced to lead projects.


Anti Viral Deep Clean Your Property,
call  0330 053 9001 

Are You Looking for a Deep Cleaning Service Right Now?

If you require a deep cleaning service right away, then get in touch today by  0330 053 9001  and will be more than happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, give us a call, and we can talk through our services to help you understand what we do, and how it can benefit your organisation.

If you need an emergency deep clean, or even a decontamination and sterilisation service, then get in touch today by phone on  0330 053 9001  , so that we can provide you with a rapid response to your requirements. We work in lots of different sectors including healthcare, medical, military, food production, pharmaceutical and hospital environments, and therefore we can guide you on the best intervention for any particular situation, especially if you haven’t experienced it before.

Our experts are available on the phone ready to help you to create a more hygienic environment and to ensure the health and safety of the environment under your care.

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