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Steam Treatment for Bed Bugs and Insects

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Steam Treatments

Steam treatments are a relatively new method of bed bug eradication. Gaining traction in around 2012, this treatment is now widely available to consumers and businesses in the UK.

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How Does Steam Treatment Work?

Extremely hot steam is used in the treatments, burning any insects that come into contact with it. This method is particularly effective against insect eggs and nymphs.

Although it is a useful method for aiding the removal of an infestation, steam treatment works best when coupled with an additional removal method.

Steam can only be applied to surface areas, for example the outside of a mattress. By nature, bed bugs tend to reside in cracks and crevices and often find their way under flooring and in hidden places that steam can’t reach.

When used alongside other treatments, such as chemical sprays, steam treatments can provide total eradication; however, heat treatments are by far the most inclusive and effective eradication technique. For this reason, we rarely use steam treatments in combination with other methods.

How It Works

  • JG Pest Control will usually reserve steam treatments purely as a method for killing insects on clothing, for example, in the case of clothes moths, and sometimes on soft furnishings.
  • Although steam can aid bed bug removal, the most effective method of bed bug pest control is specialist heat treatments.

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