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Lines Open:
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Sat 8am-6pm - Sun 8am-4pm

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Insect Pest Control and Removal

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All our employees are professionally trained and we are members of the BPCA

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JG Pest Control are experienced in all insect pest control problems. Being the leading pest control company in London and the South East, there is little we haven’t seen. Be sure to hire a competent professional when looking for a pest controller.

Emergency Insect Pest Control.

If your problem is an emergency then please call on 0333 122 3110 or 01753 468 866 and discuss your problem with our friendly team. We can usually get someone over to you within 1 or 2 hours depending on the time of day. (Emergency charges may apply). Or email enquiries@jgpestcontrol.co.uk (emergency emails always answered even out of hours).

Other insects covered by JG Insect Pest Control.

Apart from the more common insects such as wasps, bedbugs, moths. We also regularly treat for the following.

  • Harlequin Ladybirds.
  • Grain beetles.
  • Earwigs.
  • Silverfish.
  • Carpet beetle.
  • Bird & Mould Mites.
  • Maggots.
  • Spiders (Of course technically not insects).
  • Woodworm & Other boring insects.
  • Other beetles & Mites.
  • And any other insect that can be considered a pest.

Ways of treating Insects.

There are two recognised eradication techniques for killing off insect infestations. These are as follows.

Chemical Insect Pest Control Treatmentsinsect pest control.

Chemical treatments are applied through either wet sprays, powders, gels, fog or smoke.

Chemical treatments for insects are extremely effective when carried out by a professional. Usually on contact the chemicals kill the insect, in some cases the treatment is designed to be ingested and taken back to the nest and other activity areas. All of JG Pest Control’s treatments are guaranteed, this means if the problem persists we return free of charge.

Insect Heat Treatments.

Insect pest control heat treatments are the most effective method of totally eradicating insect pests. Our heat treatments give guaranteed total eradiation in the same day. We heat the property up to a kill zone temperature of approximately 50 degrees Celsius. This is then maintained for a set time period. This kills off all signs of the insects including the nymphs, larval stages, pupae and the eggs. Thus giving full results in the same day. For more information, see our dedicated heat treatment page.

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