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Lines Open:
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New Enquiries  01753 468 866
Existing Customers call 0333 015 1259 
Email us at enquiries@jgpestcontrol.co.uk 

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      JG Pest Control is a family run friendly pest control business suiting the needs of you, the general public, offering our services in the Slough area and the South East of England

      Leading Pest Control Provider -
      Insect, Bird & Rodent Control

      JG Pest Control is a family-run, friendly pest control business designed to suit the needs of our customers by offering pest control services throughout the UK.

      Our vast experience and inventive use of a variety of tried-and-tested resources has enabled us to help thousands of customers who have tried the giants and one-man bands and found them lacking in expertise.

      We take pride in providing our customers with perfect service and aftercare – from homes and businesses to large commercial clients, we approach every job with our trademark quick response and attention to detail.

      JG Pest Control has grown to become the leading supplier of pest control services in the South-East and surrounding areas, and is now available to customers in the Midlands and North-West regions. Whether your problem is in residential or commercial premises, JG is capable of providing the quickest response and the best value for money pest removal service throughout the country.

      From bedbug eradication to mice and rodent extermination, including bird and fox control and deterrence, JG leaves no aspect of pest control uncovered.

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      For leading pest control services in the UK, by qualified RSPH technicians, call JG Pest Control now, on  01753 468 866

      Trusted, Reliable & Caring

      JG Pest Control services thousands of households and commercial clients – some of the companies we have worked with are internationally known, such as Tesco, Asda, The Cooperative, McDonalds and Holiday Inn. If you require pest control, JG Pest Control is the company you can trust. We provide the highest level of customer care and the excellent value that you might expect from a small company, as well as the reliability and quick response of a large company. With this level of service, it’s no wonder that we’re one of the most trusted pest control businesses in the country.

      Certified and Trusted Rodent and Insect Exterminator

      • Qualified RSPH technicians
      • Wildlife and Rifle training
      • Insect control with heat and BASIS Prompt
      • General certificates including construction and access training
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      Adam Barry Callum Chris CJ Paul Vicky Isaiah James John

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      Pest Control in Slough
      Covering Slough, Windsor, Iver, GX, Maidenhead, Burnham and surrounding areas.

      JG Pest Control services London and its surrounding areas, the Midlands, the North West, East and South of England. Our pest control services cover pests including:

      Most Common Pests


      Have mice in your house?
      read more »

      A mouse infestation can be so distressing, it is vital you get a professional rodent control company to deal with your problem. This way you can be rid of your mouse problem quickly. DIY methods of mice extermination is not recommended and can actually make the problem become worse.

      JG Pest control provide mouse proofing through blocking up mouse holes and a same day emergency mouse exterminator service. Our service is guaranteed, we are fully certified and recommended by the London public and businesses all over the country.

      get a specialist mouse exterminator over you today or find out more information on mouse proofing and control here, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.



      Rodent Control by JG,
      read more »

      Rats are one of the most common pests in the UK, but this does not make them more acceptable. It is vital you get a professional pest control company in as soon as you come across a rodent problem. Rats are known to spread harmful disease and are extremely unhygienic to have in or around your property.

      If you are concerned and would like to know what we can do for you, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.


      BED BUGS

      Specialist bed bug eradication by JG,
      read more »

      If you have been unfortunate enough to experience bed bugs, JG Pest Control pride ourselves on being the leading provider of specialist bed bug treatments. Our treatments are guaranteed and will provide you with the quickest eradication in the industry, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.

      Bed Bugs


      Wasp Nest Removal Service by JG,
      read more »

      Have you seen a high level of wasps around your property? Or actually seen a wasps nest?

      You have come to the right place. We like to think of ourselves as the fourth emergency service.

      Our service is guaranteed and we can probably get out to you as early as today or tomorrow! You can be wasp free within a few hours leaving you to enjoy your home or garden as normal, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.

      Wasps and Bees


      Flea fumigation service by JG,
      read more »

      Fleas are very distressing and can be extremely difficult to get rid of without using professional insect pest controllers. JG Pest Control's team of qualified experts can advise and treat according to your situation. We provide specialist insect control heat treatments and insect chemical treatments that are all guaranteed to be effective.

      Fully insured and certified JG are the leading company in the area, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.



      Pest Control for Spiders,
      read more »

      Spiders are becoming more and more common in the UK and there are now several species that bite including the false widow spider and woodlouse spiders.

      The good news is, we pride ourselves on being the specialist spider pest control company in the UK. So whatever your spider problem consists of, we can help, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.


      Other Common Pests


      Ants cause a huge problem in summer months, read more »

      As they winged or flying ants cause a problem in the warm weather, however ants pose a problem year round. Whether you have a problem with black ants, red ants, tropical or ghost ants or pharaoh ants, JG pest control are a specialist in the eradication and control of these insects, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.



      Bee removal and bee eradication services,
      read more »

      There is a common misconception that bees are protected, they are not, however they are a benefit to our society.

      With this in mind we do our best not to harm bees if possible. We provide relocation and removal services as well as bee eradication if this is the only means of control possible.

      Bee nests can be found in holes in brick work, in your loft or holes in the ground and they pose a significant threat around children or venerable people groups, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.



      Bird and pigeon control by JG Pest Control,
      read more »

      Our bird proofing solutions are tailor made and the highest standard in the UK. We are well known for our specialist bird team, you can count on us for the highest standards and quality and of course we are fully certified and accredited beyond the standard requirements, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.



      Cockroach fumigation and eradication by JG,
      read more »

      Being experts in insect control, cockroach treatments are one of the things we are best at. Being one of the industry leaders our cockroach treatments are unmatched by anyone else. We provide guarantees with all treatments and offer the quickest possible eradication through various pest control methods, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.



      Worried about a fox encroaching your property? Have a fox den in your garden? read more »

      Fox pest control is becoming more common as the fox's success in urban locations increases. Foxes have adapted to live amongst humans in and around sheds and people's homes, often scavenging around bin stores.

      It is well publicised that foxes pose an immediate threat to children and pets and because of this there is a strong need to control foxes, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.



      The glis glis are becoming a growing concern,
      read more »

      In and around Hertfordshire Bedfordshire, Bucks and Berks, they have been found in London, Luton, Beaconsfield and surrounding areas. Glis are so agile and are actually protected, for this reason you must ensure you have a specialist glis glis removal company.

      JG Pest Control are the leading glis removal company, based in Buckinghamshire we are able to get out to your glis problem very quickly, our methods are humane, effective and of course come with our company standard guarantee, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.

      Glis Glis


      Pest Control for harlequin ladybirds,
      read more »

      Harlequin ladybirds can cause huge upset as they swarm from hibernation. The treatment we provide is both quick and effective.

      If you have experienced a problem with these pests then our insect control team will be able to help you, we provide a rapid response meaning we will usually be able to get a pest control specialist over to you the same or next day, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.



      Garden Mole Eradication,
      read more »

      Garden moles cause significant damage to turf and grass areas. Unsightly mole holes can really affect the aesthetics of a property or area. and they cause a health and safety threat as their tunnels soften the ground where people potentially walk.

      Our mole trapping and eradication services for the Slough and surrounding areas are extremely effective and of course guaranteed, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.



      Moth Fumigation services,
      read more »

      We are the leading pest control company for insect and moth heat treatments. We have the capability to treat vast areas using heat and/ or specialist freezer treatments that guarantee total eradication of the moths.

      Our targeted chemical treatments are also extremely effective, depending on your situation we will advise and treat accordingly, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.



      Silverfish will usually not cause any harm but are a growing nuisance, read more »

      Silverfish love damp, moist areas. They will usually not cause any harm but are a growing nuisance. Get rid of the damp and apply effective professional pest control and your silverfish problem will be resolved quickly.

      If you are concerned about a problem with silverfish, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information..



      Squirrel in your loft or squirrels scratching in the attic? read more »

      JG provide effective squirrel control and proofing. It is not just the annoying scratching and fumbling in the attic that you need to worry about, squirrels are known to cause significant damage to belongings and structure of buildings as well as posing a fire threat as they damage electrical cables, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information.



      Suffering with a woodworm infestation?
      read more »

      Woodworm cause chaos when they infest wooden items and wooden beams in buildings. Their presence can destroy a structure over time, it is vital to catch a woodworm infestation early and have it professionally treated as soon as possible.

      Our surveyors will highlight areas of concern and treat accordingly. JG Pest control's woodworm pest control division are here at your disposal, please call  01753 468 866 or click here for more information..


      Can't find your Pest? Click here to find out more about our services...

      Google Reviews

      Excellent , efficient service. All staff wonderful. Had so many problems over the last few months with the squirrels and each time I called the company they have responded quickly and done their best to resolve the situation.. Thoroughly recommend them . Thank you all so much.


      Great service, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. I would highly recommend this company.

      E Knowles   
      Wasp nest removal  

      Wasp nest removal from shed/playhouse
      Visited today by Brett in the Midlands area within 24 hours of booking appointment.
      Nest removed from site and whole area checked and sprayed down. Very thorough and left clear advice on preventing any further nests from establishing. Very happy with the efficient, polite and friendly service received.


      Excellent service from the very first telephone call. Helpful staff who dealt with the issue in a professional manner. Will always recommend to anyone who requires Pest control.
      Special thanks to Ben who followed up his visits with a friendly update text.

      Very pleased  

      I’m very pleased with the excellent service from J&ah Pest Control. They came quickly and dealt effectively with the flying ant infestation. Courteous and professional. Very good work, would use again.


      Very helpful and speedy service to resolve the problem. Wouldn't hesitate to use again and would thoroughly recommend them. Well done JG Pest Control.

      R & J Rees   
      Good Service  

      I received excellent assistance as soon as I spoke to the team. When they arrived very were friendly and professional and explained what they were going to do.

      Sandra McDonnell   
      Bees nest underground, outside front door  

      The first time this was treated it was raining and this continued for two days so a further visit was needed but that was not successful.
      The third visit was 2 weeks ago and we seem now to be free of them.
      As we were and still are in "lock down" (covid-19) everything was being delivered to our front door, so thank you for you perseverance.

      David Sewell   
      Greta service  

      Had a very good service from start to finish always there if you have a problem a great team of staff who do there work brilliantly.

      Keith Boswell   

      Fantastic response and service. Would definitely recommend.

      Michelle Davis   
      Very Happy Customer  

      I recently had a problem with Squirrels in my loft and there was no way I could deal with them or live with them , one phone call to JG PEST CONTROL
      and for what I consider to be a very reasonable charge this problem was dealt with.
      Couldn’t be more satisfied.

      Darren Stubbs   

      Very efficient and friendly service. Hopefully my squirrels have found a new home and won't be back!!

      Sally Beard   
      Good work  

      Came out and the initial treatment did not work.
      Came out a 2nd time like they promise on the website and did a great job.

      Rachel Crump   
      Great customer service  

      A prompt response to an emergency call and an even more impressive return when a week later the pests were still partially active.
      Your representative was impressive in carrying out the requirements, clearly explaining the process.
      A very good level of service
      Highly recommended


      We had a problem with rats, Kate gave us clear, concise information! Very pleased with how problem was solved. Fast and effective!

      Excellent Service  

      We have recently moved into our new house and we noticed that there was wasps in the arch of our porch. I emailed JG on a Saturday night and I got a reply first thing Sunday morning. JG were at our house early the same afternoon. Couldn't ask for a better service and no wasps have been seen since.
      Would recommend 100%

      Excellent Service  

      We recently moved into a new house and noticed a wasp nest in the arch of our porch.
      I emailed JG on a Saturday night and got a response first thing Sunday morning and was at our house by early afternoon the same day.
      Couldn't ask for a better service and no more wasps seen since.
      Would recommend 100%

      Wasps helpfully and professionally sorted - thank you  

      Great and efficient service from the team thank you. The wasps were in a tricky location under the roof tiles and needed two goes to deal with them. The customer care was excellent and we were very grateful for a speedy service early this spring during lockdown. Many thanks - we definitely recommend your work.

      Jo Morris   
      Bed bugs  

      The service I was given was very professional I had the heat treatment to remove the bedbugs,would highly recommend this service

      A Williams   

      Excellent service, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Rat problem in garden sorted very quickly. Would strongly recommend to all.

      Brilliant service  

      I was really pleased with the service especially Darren who sorted my mouse problem out, let me know how the mice were getting in and then blocked all the areas up. He really put my mind at rest and he was so helpful in sorting the problem out.

      Nora Hickey   
      Wasps gone!  

      The service guy turned up on time, zapped the wasp nest in our garage and suggested that he might well have to return for a second zapping, but no sign of the wasps from that moment on.
      He was efficient, effective, polite and informative.

      Bob Chance   
      Wasp removal  

      Very pleasant member of your team came down to remove a wasps nest that had appeared in my loft. Very knowledgeable and a fast job and I have had no return of the wasps, would definitely recommend to anyone needing any pest type removing.

      Rat problem  

      Very satisfied with jg pest control thankyou

      Excellent Service  

      Rang the firm to sort out an urgent ground wasp problem stopping work on our garden. They gave me a competitive price, they came out the next day and disposed of the nest by taking away the 4 queens (i.e. they were able to relocate the wasps not have to destroy them). Great customer service and very professional. Would recommend.

      D McPhun   

      efficient and quick removal of wasps nest.
      The representative who called was helpful and efficient as well as friendly

      Great Service Delivery  

      I was impressed by the level of service and the manner in which Mohamed conducted himself from start to finish. We will be calling on them again and again as necessity dictates - great service - well done guys

      Stewart Sekenhamo   
      Prompt and efficient  

      Telephoned to report a wasp nest and JG sent a very helpful young chap the next day to spray and remove it with no fuss. Very prompt and efficient service!

      M Taylor   
      Nest in attic  

      Called JG pest control who asked questions to identify problem gave me a time, cost and confirmed by email.Arrived as agreed, dealt with problem and gve information as to what do if problem recurred. Very happy with service,cost and result

      Definately recommend  

      Great service, easy to arrange and the team came out very quickly and resolved the problem.

      Ian Brown   
      Dead Squirrel Removal  

      Excellent, prompt and efficient service. I would certainly use JG Pest Control again.

      Sean Collins   
      BED BUGS  

      Technician was very helpful can`t comment on whether it has worked yet as it was only a few days ago and we haven`t used the bedroom yet but appears to be a job well done

      STEPHEN Newland   
      Brilliant service  

      I can't fault this firm. Courteous on the phone, prompt response by email. The technician arrived at the time he said he would. He was friendly and knowledgeable.
      I wanted a quick, easy and effective - which is exactly what I got. Hard to find these days! Thank you so much!

      J Riley   
      Bee issue..  

      Straightforward booking, arrived the next day as stated. Nice, helpful gentleman arrived who knew his onions. All good.

      Nicola Cox   

      Fantastic service from Will the man that did the actual work on my house, very PROFESSIONAL and efficient in every way, WELL DONE Will😉👍👌. I have given this 5 for the work by Will, however for the back room staff i.e. those I was dealing with to get to the point of getting Will here to do the work, I would give them 3 at best. Why would I give them 3, none return of promised call backs and at times “The right hand did not appear to know what the left hand was doing” as in one operator would say one thing and another would say something totally different, not going to go into it, but I can qualify this comment if need be.

      Mr Kim Powell   
      Excellent Service  

      I had a mice issue. JG investigated, sourced and treated the issue really carefully and efficiently. The treatment process was explained to me every step of the way.

      Jennifer Walden   

      Very impressive service, both over the telephone beforehand and on the day. Problem resolved efficiently and effectively! Thank you

      Richard Mulvany   

      Absolutely fantastic

      Emily Webb   

      Excellent service. The representatives who called were all helpful and efficient as well as friendly . Will use JG again, but hopefully not too soon!

      Chris Beck   
      Excellent Service & Response  

      Excellent service considering what is going on at this time. I have a youn child and was worried about large worms on my patio and the service I received was remarkable. Thank you very much and would recommend

      Jg pest control  

      Shaun is a brilliant technician.He was very helpful and knowledgable and gave us great information to go forward.He is a credit to jg pest control and fully endorses the great standards set by your company.Thankyou so much

      Gary johnston   

      JG Pest made helpful suggestions for where rodents might be making their entry (which we then blocked ourselves) and laid bait to try to control the problem. They attended swiftly and were very friendly.

      L Roberts   
      Mouse or mice  

      Excellent service well mannered young men thank you for given me peace of mind and getting rid of my problem .

      Mrs Jones   
      Brilliant work  

      I just wanted to say what a wonderful job your guys did, in clearing the pigeons from our roof etc. They were so lovely and friendly.
      Again thank you so much.

      Carol Melvin   
      Mice control  

      Been having a mouse problem, called jg pest control and a pest controller (Sean) was at the house same day ( Sunday) very knowledgeable and put are minds at rest still in process of the mice control. Would recommend jg pest control

      Gerard Mackrell   

      Very quick and excellent service I had a squirrel nesting under my solar panels. They came and set tube traps and the critter was caught within three days

      Rats in the loft.  

      Technicians very polite on 3 occasions they attended,They set traps and baits,but failed to find where rats were entering the property.Iwas advised by one technician to get another firm in who could put a camera into the drains.Idid this and their technician opened the drain found the point of entry.He fitted a filter and resolved the problem I would not use JG again.

      Pat Belfrage   

      Very fast and efficient service Michelle came to sort my problem out very knowledgeable lady nothing was a problem for her put my mind at ease
      10/10 would highly recommend will be asking for Michelle on my follow up

      Waters road Mice  

      I had a very distressed tennant and a very quick response from JGpestcontrol. Excellent service

      Francis Boateng   

      Very good and thorough service. Not only dealt with the pest but also identified the original source of where it came in and dealt with that. No issues since treatment completed.

      M Kilbane   
      Amazing service  

      Very professional company quick response reliable friendly extremely happy with the service

      Tom stone   

      Excellent service. Helpful and sympathetic staff. Arrived promptly and did a great job. Thank you.

      Teresa Burns   

      Very prompt response and very professional approach to our rat problem in the roof space.

      Rodent inspection and advice  

      Selling my house and needed an inspection to check it was clear of a previous mouse infestation. The guy did a thorough search for mouse/rat activity and found nothing new. He also advised of a potential access point for mice and how to fill it ourselves. I would highly recommend this company.

      christine Evanson   
      Mice in garage  

      I would definitely recommend this company as responded quickly and efficiently.

      Corinne Pearce   

      Great service,all staff really helpful and efficient and had no more problems since they have been,thanks to Chris and all the team excellent work highly recommended mr b

      Mr Brydol   
      Excellent Customer Service  

      Everyone I have spoken to has been very polite and helpful.
      Very responsive to requests
      Would not hesitate to recommend

      Chris Lunnon   
      Very Good Service  

      Our advisor Michelle was prompt on her visit,very friendly and put us at our ease.Dealt with our problem in a professional manner.Very swift service when making initial appointment.Staff at call centre very efficient and helpful.I would happily recommend the company in the future.

      Neil Goodison   
      Professional service  

      I am very satisfied with the service Jgpest control provided to my house. They come to my house in a couple of hours on Saturday morning and solved the problem with a mouse quickly and professionally.

      Barbara Ruggieri   
      Good service  

      Called JG because of an issue we had with rats. The issues we had were promptly resolved. The technician laid bate traps and gave us advice on checking the boundary of our property to prevent ingress. The technician found a small gap under a waste water pipe which was sealed up immediately. Great service.

      Dave Tolley   
      Beyond the call of duty  

      Christian was brilliant sorted mouse problem and when our fridge unit slipped when the bottom panel was removed, an accident waiting to happen as it was hanging on one side, Christian helped to get the heavy fridge freezer out and dismantle the dodgy cupboard. We are elderly and
      Would not have been able to do this. Thank you Christian.

      Jan Parker   
      Feeling relieved  

      Terry came within 2 hours of me placing the call. We had 4 wasps nest in our loft. Terry took care of all of them with maximum efficience. If I ever need a pest control solution. I know you to come back to JP pest control will be the thing to do.

      Sylvie P-W   
      helpful and friendly staff  

      Friendly and responsive staff to our enquiries
      The staff who visited were friendly and informative and reliable in letting us know when the job was complete

      Helen Wood   
      Helping with our pest problem  

      We have had excellent service from CJ at JG Pest control and we are on the path to sorting out the pest problem. Your efficiency and great communication is really appreciated.

      Helen Benedict   
      Flexible approach  

      Luke showed great flexibility in arranging a follow up appointment to deal with our rat problem. I found the service to be professional, discrete and effective.

      Helen Dunlop   
      Excellent service & follow-up  

      JG attended our wasp problem the same day I rang; efficiently spraying the entrance hole in the roof. A few days later there were still some wasps in the loft; JG lived up to their warranty and were back very quickly to take care of the remainder.
      Fasty, efficent and friendly service, and a business that really lives up to its promise. Highly recommended.

      Martin Newenham   
      Great service  

      Contacted JG to deal with a wasps nest. Arrived the same day and treated the problem. Rapid reduction in activity which reduced to none over the next few days, as predicted by their operatives. Very pleased with the result so far.


      Great service all round. Kind and friendly people and always willing to Help. Luke has been amazing and always kept me up to date with everything and the engineer that came out was also great. Good advice and great knowledge of the issue I was having. Quick and responsive. Definitely recommend this company!

      Jack Pokora   
      Wasps Gone!  

      Representative came on time, professionally dealt with the wasps. Very happy!

      Murray Willows   
      Hornet nest  

      We used JG twice and on both times they were very responsive and sorted the issue. My only criticism is that they failed to locate the hornets nest which was nearby our shed (which had hornets entering/exiting). It appeared they only checked the shed and not the immediate surroundings and advised us that there was no nest. It took another visit a few months later to sort the issue. To be fair the second visit was covered under their guarantee and under no further cost. They were courteous and good to deal with. SB

      Simon Black   
      First class service  

      Amazing service. So quick to respond and come and deal with a large angry wasps nest. I would definitely recommend their services

      Mrs H   
      Fantastic customer service  

      We have had a persistent problem with mice,and JG pest control have been very helpful. Ryan has got to the root of the problem thankfully. He has been very courteous and informative...and incredibly patient. He has paid us several visits and his reassuring manner has been just what we needs. Would highly recommend this company to anyone.

      julie Morgan   
      Wasps nest  

      Really good service very quick and efficient would definitely recommend.

      Helpful service and great results  

      We found JP Pest to be reliable, knowledgable and very helpful and would recon their services

      Mrs S   
      Highly Recommend  

      JG Pest Control efficientley and effectively dealt with an infestation of mice at a rental property I own in Oxford.

      Susanne Greenwood   

      Good prompt service. The man who came round was a decent guy and concerned about placing the bait so it didn’t hurt my dog. So far so good, waiting for second visit


      The guys were really good in accommodating our working day to get a first visit in and then making sure all holes were filled in and lots of bait put down and on the second vist making sure all was ok and filling in any extra holes and putting down more bait and great after service as well with the reports and also as many call outs as you need, would highly recommend

      Matt Buckell   
      First class service  

      Very quick call out . Efficient service . So far no more visitors 😃

      Sharon Hutchings   
      Excellent service  

      We had a troublesome wasps’ nest that required removal.
      We called JG who arranged a prompt convenient appointment.
      The operative arrived on time, carefully judged the situation and applied the appropriate treatment.
      A return appointment was promised but was not necessary and the problem has been solved.
      The attitudes and customer service were excellent and for a reasonable fee.
      We will certainly use the company again if we are unfortunate to suffer any more pest problems.

      Steve H   

      JG personnel were pleasant, efficient and professional.
      It turned out we actually had bats in our lofts, which obviously are protected. I was concerned that the first operative who attended didn't identfy this, but having said that, the investigations into whether mice or other rodents were present was handled well, and there is a 3 month guarantee period too.

      Virginia Atherden   

      Thank you very much for dealing with the wasps so speedily and effectively. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services.

      Jackie Roper   
      Excellent customer and all round service  

      I had just collected the keys for my new house.
      I arrived at the address and was met by a wasp nest above the front door. I have dogs and was worried that they would get stung.
      I googled pest control companies and these guys popped up.
      I called them straight away and the guy on the phone was very helpful. Ben, the technician arrive about an hour later. Very impressed with response time!! Squirted some powder into the nest and that was the end of them. Very satisfied.

      Jo caffry   
      Excellent service  

      We had a troublesome wasps’ nest that required removal.
      We called JG who arranged a prompt convenient appointment.
      The operative arrived on time, carefully judged the situation and applied the appropriate treatment.
      A return appointment was promised but was not necessary and the problem has been solved.
      The attitudes and customer service were excellent and for a reasonable fee.
      We will certainly use the company again if we are unfortunate to suffer any more pest problems.

      Steve H   
      Excellent services  

      I was originally going to go for the heat treatment for bedbugs at 900 I was about to pay then out of the goodness of there hearts they recommended the chemical treatment half the price, cannot reccomend them enough respect to all involved

      Wasp removal  

      Arrived on time, did a very good job, wasps gone..

      Chris Winter   
      Efficient & friendly  

      We found these guys to be really efficient at blocking access points and willing to go above and beyond on follow up visits.


      Thank you for your efficient and friendly service. Same day call out and follow up visit to sort out wasp problem was supportive of our concerns. Phone conversations were professional but friendly.

      P. New   
      Fantastic Service  

      Sorted out a wasp nest that we had. Super quick to come & sort it. Very friendly & explained what was going happen. Wasps all gone. I would highly recommend JG Pest Control.

      Helen L   
      Fabulous service  

      I phoned at 9.30am asking for an inspection for bed bugs and Andrew arrived at 2.30pm on the same day. He is a delightful young man who knows his business well, and he was professional, quick and efficient with his inspection. Fortunately, there didn't appear to be any bed bugs, but he laid some monitors anyway just to be sure.
      I couldn't be happier with the fast and efficient service, and the resulting peace of mind

      Lyn Thompson   
      Prompt and Polite  

      Had need for this company twice in a short period of time, first for wasps, sorted quickly and efficiently, the second for rats - again sorted quickly and efficiently. On both occasions the service was on the same day that I rang and the guys that came were polite, knowledgeable and courteous. One follow up visit left for the rats but hopefully that will be the last.

      S Howe   

      My message was responded to within an hour and an appointment offered the following day which I could not accept, however they arrived the following day and where gone in half an hour. Very professional service offered by pleasant and friendly employees over the phone and face to face.

      Pat Dew   

      He arrived on time and did the job efficiently. Very friendly and problem solved.

      Chris Winter   
      Very helpful customer support  

      On Monday 30 Sept, I rang JG Pest Control to enquire about heat treatments for bed bugs. I spoke to somebody called Kelly. I was calling her from my office building which has bad reception so the call got cut off quite a few times. Kelly was very helpful as she did call me back to offer help and found her approach very friendly and professional. This has greatly influenced my decision to give JG Pest Control a try.

      Allan Greedharee   
      Fast & Efficient  

      Very good customer service esp from Kelly over the phone. Very keen to be competitive on pricing & understood our problem. The engineer who came knew his job too. Thankfully the pests appear to have gone.

      Yvonne Brighton   
      Wasp nest  

      Quick and very efficient. problem solved .Polite and professional service .

      H Reeve   

      Called them out for a wasp nest in my porch soffit. Next day service. One treatment. We were told it might need another but that would be free of charge. Didn't need it but nice to know.

      David T   
      Wasp nest  

      These guys were really good.Responded next day and explained all that would happen.We have not seen any wasps now for a week so we can now go ahead and have our new windows fitted.Thanks guys very much would recommend you to friends,absolutely brilliant.

      Mrs Young   

      A very prompt and efficient service. The engineer came out the same day and dealt with our mouse problem straight away. Follow up visits were also efficient and helpful. Thank you

      Mrs Jones   

      The company came out the same day to sort out our mouse problem. The follow up visits were efficient and the staff friendly. Thank you

      Mrs Jones   
      Very thorough  

      I was really impressed. He was not only cheerful and friendly, he listened when I explained what I thought was going on. As I suspected, he identified the place the mice were coming in, which I had mentioned to both previous staff from Pest Control, and they had both dismissed. He was then incredibly thorough, going through the whole house and finding four or five further points of entry which again, the previous staff had not investigated. I felt a lot more confident at the end of that, that he had really got to the bottom of the problem. Obviously time will tell but I really appreciated his hard work. I think Courtney should be commended for his excellent customer service and attention to detail. If we ever have a problem again, I would want him to return.

      Ms Wall   
      Wasp removal  

      Called jg pest control because we had concerns about a wasp nest in the wall cavity . Arrived next day and promptly sorted out the problem with the wasps gone . The guy made time to explain what was happening and had a really good customer dialogue. Excellent service and would not hesitate to recommend to anybody with pest issues .

      Phil cooper   

      Had a wasp problem and JG PestControl came the next day and the
      technician was very good and identified the problem and treated the
      area to great effect now no more wasps, I would recommend them every time.

      David Pyke   
      Outstanding Professionalism  

      Mice in our house, not pleasant to the say the least.
      Darren ( appointed technician) attended on the second visit and nothing to much of a problem for him. An outstanding professional in this area. He explained everything he was doing and why. At this stressful time for us he was calm , knowledgeable and above all listened and answered our concerns.
      10/10 we say, thank you and thank you Darren.
      We fully appreciate that this is not a "magic wand" job but we now feel re-assured that due to your company and Darren matter are in hand.
      Thank you again and we would not hesitate to recommend your company to any one in our position.

      Mike & Wendy Dunlevey   
      Great service  

      Came within 24 hours of calling. Extremely professional and explained the service. Solved our hornet problem quickly and efficiently. Would recommend without reservation.

      Nicola Millward   
      Very good price  

      And very fast service, the items arrived in excellent condition and very well wrapped


      Very polite and very helpfull they turn up on time and delt with the problem straight away i would recommend these guys to anyone who has pest problems

      Mark Spragg   
      Hornet Happy  

      Great service quick and at a reasonable price.Better price than I expected.Know who to recommend.Thanks!

      Wasp nest removal  

      We had a football sized wasp nest which was removed promptly and efficiently on the day I phoned. Very pleased.

      John Stewart   
      Quick service  

      Came out within 2 hours. Treated wasp nest and have no further problems. Very efficient and friendly operative. Would certainly recommend

      Chris D   
      Quick & efficient  

      Very pleased with the clearance of a wasps nest. Very easy and helpful all round. Would use again

      Mrs A   
      Wasp problem  

      Arrived same day....very knowledgeable and friendly - highly recommended - wasps gone within the hour of treatment 😀

      Liz Lawrence   

      Honestly amazing service! Called a month ago about a bee problem we were having at my retail shop! JG couldn’t of helped enough! Even though it wasn’t actually himself who fixed the problem he went above and beyond to get us a bee rescuer to come and re home them! So now we are bee free and couldn’t thank JG enough and the gentlemen that came and did the work! Would definitely call again and will 100% recommend!

      Hollie Beason   
      Wasp eradication  

      Speedy efficient service, quickly got rid of our wasp problem. Would recommend their service.

      RJ Philpot   

      Great service, someone was at my door within 3 hours of calling! Steven was reassuring, professional and friendly. Well worth the money!

      5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Service  

      This is the second time in the last few years I have used JG Pest Control. Just as satisfied as the first time. Professional, polite and same day call out!!!!
      No more wasps! Fantastic work guys. Extremely pleased.

      Bugs still remain  

      Called out JG Pest control, treated our driver drivers cab with bug infestation, unfortunately bugs still remain, explained to company and attitude was one o
      one off visit sorry, 180.00 for a treatment that has not worked!!!!!!!!!!

      Great Service  

      We had called out JG Pest Control, has we had a wasps going into our roof.
      JG Pest Control came on time they said (the day after I phoned), they treated the area where the wasps was entering the roof, and since then there as been no sign of wasps since.
      I thought the price was good for the service, and I would recommend using JG Pest control to anyone who needs to get rid of any pests.
      Thank you for your service.

      Paul Rogers   
      Great Service  

      We had called out JG Pest Control, has we had a wasps going into our roof.
      JG Pest Control came on time they said (the day after I phoned), they treated the area where the wasps was entering the roof, and since then there as been no sign of wasps since.
      I thought the price was good for the service, and I would recommend using JG Pest control to anyone who needs to get rid of any pests.
      Thank you for your service.

      Paul Rogers   
      Wasp nest  

      Great service. Wasp nest in loft dealt with efficiently in one visit .Friendly and polite staff who responded promptly to our request for help and were flexible in finding a time to visit that suited both parties .Hopefully won’t need to,but would happily use again .

      Kate Stewart   
      Fox control  

      Very pleased with the prompt service. Technician Luke was very friendly and professional in carrying out the removal of a dead fox and the application of anti fox treatment.

      Oops... should’ve put stars in!  

      Just left a review, but missed the stars! Should’ve been five of course! *****


      Excellent, prompt service, very effective at sorting out a wasp net that I had tried to sort out myself! Highly recommended.

      Peter Russell   

      just wanted to thank Macaulay who came to my property today and removed the dead animal from my water butt. He was so professional and went above and beyond to help us. I would definitely recommend your company.

      Kerrie Mason   
      Fast shipping great service  

      Fast service great professional company to deal with recommend

      Andre Govia   
      Pest control review  

      Had to call out the guys to deal with a bees nest. Initial treatment failed to eliminate & new & bigger nest had been established inside the house so a repeat visit was requested. No question from JG they just turned up again & dealt with the problem, now resolved. We all felt bad about having to do it but the bees were becoming a hazard. Professional and efficient service, friendly operatives, certainly recommended.

      Keith Brown   

      Very efficient and friendly thanks for the work you did

      Marlene Gething   

      Would like to thank Shaun Darren and Tom for all your help. Lovely guys. Highly recommended

      Kathleen Wallwork   

      During the first few days following the treatment, we did see the occasional flea but these did not bite so we concluded they were weakened survivors! A week after the treatment, no fleas were seen and our flat is still free of them, as is our dog. We were very pleased with the service.

      Sarah Playforth   

      Used JG for a bed bug infestation. The service has been brilliant, from thorough and helpful advice on the phone, to pleasant, knowledgable and friendly staff coming to spray the house. Also very quick and punctual. Honestly can't fault you guys and thanks for all your help.


      When Terence arrived he appeared very friendly, and soon put us at ease about our mice situation, he listened to what we had to say and soon started work to help with our problem, he explained what he was doing and was very thorough, after making sure all areas was covered, he left traps and explained how they worked. A very friendly polite man who is a credit to your company, we have asked if he can return for the follow up inspection.

      Robert Adams   
      Best customer service for a long time?  

      After discovering a wasp nest in my donkeys stable, Cheri could not have been more helpful in providing advice and the speedy removal of the nest. It is refreshing to get such great customer service nowadays! Thank you Cheri.

      Annette Homer   

      Really happy with the complete service. Rang early and got same day visit. Very polite and helpful on the phone. Young man who came was also very polite and efficient.

      Prompt and Efficient service  

      The company turned up promptly and quickly diagnosed the problem. I was very happy with the level of service

      David Pearce   
      Great wasp nest removal service  

      The service provided by JG Pest Control was excellent. I had a wasp nest in the back garden - quite big. JG responded to quickly to my call and provided same day service. The staff member who arrived up to carry out the job was very fast and efficient. He contacted me about 30 minutes before he arrived to let me know that he was on his way. The treatment worked perfectly and all activity around the nest ceased within a couple of hours of the treatment. I was able to dislodge the nest from its location today with no issues. Very happy with the job and the response time and the professionalism of the staff. Very happy to recommend them.

      John S   
      Excellent Service throughout  

      From the initial Phone Call ( to Cherie ) this Company has performed extremely well, with Friendly and Expert Service all delivered in a suitable time frame. Our Wasp Nests were dealt with quickly and efficiently.

      Michael Needs   

      Excellent service and staff from first contact via phone call to the site visit and back up treatment, all the staff are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful
      Well deserved 5 star rating

      Jim Newbould   
      Dave fantastic  

      Dave came round within 1 hr on a Sunday morning and has found the rats way in that other people could not. I now feel we are on our way to the solution to this very stressful problem. Highly recommend.


      Had a bed bug problem in my flat. Called JG on Saturday and it was all sorted by the end of Tuesday. Very helpful over the phone. Big thanks to Shane, he arrived on time, was friendly and polite and knowledgeable on the subject. I felt reassured the problem would be fixed and it was. I've not seen any more bed bugs or had any new bites. Would highly recommend

      Beth Hardwick   
      Fantastic Service  

      Highly professional, relaible and efficient - would highly recommend JGpest Control .


      Spoke with CJ who informed me of what was about to happen when I explained my problem was regarding the bees in my roof. The service was efficient and professional throughout and I would recommend them.

      Professional service  

      I called JG Pest Control on a Friday and they booked a rep to come out to my property on Saturday. They were very accommodating and friendly. The service was quick and professional. Happy to recommend to a friend. Thank you

      Woodworm treatment  

      Very professional service. Had to change booking date twice but still proved no problem with the friendly team. Arrived on time and notified us when they had finished.

      B Milton   

      Thank you too the team for helping out with my rodent problem. Highly recommend.

      John Thomas   

      I had a problem with an nest, the JG team, We’re very helpful and the problem was dealt with so quickly. Thank you JG Pest Control 5 ⭐️

      Jade Keating   
      Very pleased with the thoroughness of the service.  

      We had a visit from Jack who was extremely thorough, helpful and gave us excellent advice on how to prevent further rodent incursions.
      We have been rat free ever since.
      Very pleased with the service and would recommend you to anyone who needed it.

      Michael McLester   
      thank you  

      Thank you for your very friendly, helpful and professional service. Those I spoke to in the office, and Michael who came out, were really excellent.

      R J Cox   

      I'm really pleased with the service I received. From my first phone call with Kelly in the office to the pest control guys who did everything they could to sort out the issue.

      Mrs L   

      Excellent service and friendly

      Excellent Service- Free Advice !  

      We found what we thought were rat droppings behind a sofa and I was about to buy rat traps from Amazon when I decided to contact JG Pest control. Some of the ‘droppings’ looked like insect casts so I rang them and sent some pictures. Within 2 hours they rang me back and had identified that we had woodlice. A very helpful advisor rang back and advised me to hoover and disinfect the area and to call them if we noticed any more. Really impressed with their service as I know our local council would have charged £35 to identify the insects and it would have taken 5 working days which would have been very anxious! Thanks again !


      Phobia customer
      I rate these people highly as they checked and did a though search and treatment for mice.
      The person who came out this morning at 8am was professional respectful and kind.
      I can't thank him enough
      Do not hestitate to give them a call its worth the money. In other words you get what you pay for 1st class service by dedicated staff

      MS A   

      Phobia customer
      I rate these people highly as they checked and did a though search and treatment for mice.
      The person who came out this morning at 8am was professional respectful and kind.
      I can't thank him enough
      Do not hestitate to give them a call its worth the money. In other words you get what you pay for 1st class service by dedicated staff

      MS A   

      Great service, from these guys. Top class.
      Thank you!!

      Frank M   
      Bed bug infestation.  

      Just wanted to say how helpful and efficient the JG lads were in the heat treatment of my whole house. Had to have another visit due to seeing some after the treatment but JG were straight out to do another spray. Would recommend this company 100%.

      Mrs Morris   
      Bugs and moths  

      I'm really pleased with the service I've received from JG Pest Control. I didn't know anyone who'd used JG before but I'll definitely recommend them in the future. I initially spoke to CJ who arranged for my heat treatment promptly. He was super professional and responded instantly to my follow up emails. A fantastic service (especially as other companies failed to get back to me). Ken did the heat treatment and he was so nice, friendly and trustworthy. James came to check that the bugs had gone and once again, he was friendly, polite, knowledgeable and honest. I'm not surprised that this company is successful - it does exactly what it says on the tin (gets rid of pests and offers a fantastic service). Thank you!

      wasp nest  

      Quick response, explained procedure and carried out work professionally. Said it may take a few visits but solved problem first time

      Mike Cox   

      Unfortunately I had to have a visit from jd to my home but the young man who came called James was lovely and was really understanding he is a credit to the company

      Ivy wilkinson   
      Brilliant Work  

      I wanted to say a huge thank you to Michelle Hope for coming out to our offices today and putting into place the first steps to dealing with our pest problem. She was so thorough, did an amazing job and went above and beyond, making sure she had checked every surrounding office and area. An absolutely brilliant lady, she was so pleasant to deal with, very knowledgable and clearly passionate about her job. It's really refreshing to see someone who cares about what they're doing and wants to do the best possible job for their customer. Michelle, thank you for coming out and helping us. Your work was really appreciated, and you deserve the biggest gold star for your work here!

      Lucy Williams   
      Wasp nest  

      Excellent service throughout. Good price compared to other companies and treated wasp nest within a couple of days. Would highly recommend 😀

      Louise Bright   

      What can I say about this company? I called them on a Sunday morning about my wasp nest. By Sunday evening I had no wasp problem. All sorted out whilst I was at a child's birthday party. When I came back home they had sorted it all for me.
      From the call to Sam who was very polite and professional. And the call to say they were 20 mins away from the house.
      I will be recommending this company to my family and friends.
      Thank you JG

      Linda Batch   
      Excellent Service  

      The technician was lovely. He was polite and friendly. He put me at ease with my problem of having a bees nest within my walls. This is an excellent service and would highly recommend it to anyone.

      Linda Langford   
      Great Service  

      JG attended my house to treat a bees nest in the soffit the day after my initial phone call. The guys were polite and professional and the nest appears to have been killed off. The follow up service is great. Highly recommended.

      Ben Hudson   

      Wasps had taken over old bird box in my garden. A telephone call and within 4 hours the technician had attended and carried out the dispatching of a large number of wasps.

      A most professional job well done to all. I was pleased with my initial call and how it was dealt with.
      I would highly recommend this company. East Yorkshire.

      The people to contact with a bee emergency  

      I found a bumble bee nest which came to my attention when I noticed a piece of wood had slipped on my shed. My husband went to repair and was attacked by bees. JGP came and it turned out to be a huge nest and a huge ball of bees were in a circle shape inside the shed. Not only did they destroy the bees but also put nails in the wood to repair the shed to make sure no more got in. What service - excellent would happily recommend them.

      Brilliant service  

      Had a wasp nest my daughter spotted in our Apple tree. It was early Sunday morning. I phoned up first thing and they were with me within 3 hours. Treatment and removal was done within 30 minutes in our case. Extremely professional outfit from start of the call through to the end result. Phoned just before as well to say they were arriving. Thoroughly recommended.

      Excellent service  

      We had a few bees nests removed from underneath our shed. The service was extremely professional and we would be very pleased to recommend JG Pest Control.

      Laetitia Clapton   
      Bee control  

      Great efficient service, first guy came out and couldn’t have been more helpful fitting in around our builders. Next day came back after builders had finished. Helpful, friendly service..

      Author *Dave Fisher   
      Great service  

      Testimonial *
      JG Pest Control have been brilliant and dealt with our bed bugs fast. When I phoned up, the advisors I spoke to were very understanding about the horrible situation of living with bed bugs and they really knew what they were talking about. The guys who came round to do the treatment, were also really nice and understanding. They also dealt with them and I’m delighted to be sleeping back in my own bed, not on the sofa trying to avoid being eaten!

      Author *Hannah   

      Testimonial *After my holiday home guests discovered bed bugs I phoned JG PestControl. They were extremely helpful and explained how they could treat the problem. They were able to attend the next day and the staff were helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend them.

      Author *Rebecca   
      Excellent service  

      I was delighted with the service that I received.
      The gentlemen to whom I spoke on the phone initially were courteous and knowledgable.
      The gentleman who came to the house was equally courteous and knowledgable, and provided an effective and speedy resolution to the problem.
      Highly recommended!

      Author Brigid Hayden   
      Title of Testimonial moths  

      Testimonial speedily carried out treatment. Technician very efficient and friendly. Too soon to tell if all moths gone but at the moment it appears so. Have already recommended company to someone else with moth problems

      EAuthor *eileen macaulay   
      First Class.  

      Have been having issues with silver fish and wood lice having recently purchase a 350 year old cottage. Telephoned JG Pest control who very quickly put my mind at ease with regard to the information given to me during the telephone call. Their technician Sean arrived on time and carried out the work in a very professional manner. Sean was both happy to deal with my questions relating to the pest issue and was friendly and polite throughout. Given my very positive experience I would, sincerely, not hesitate recommending JG to any of my friends and family. Many thanks.

      Hugo van der Meer   
      Title of Testimonial Excellent Service  

      Testimonial *

      I am very pleased with JG Pest Control. The telephone operators are very helpful and offer a wonderful service. The people who come out from JG Pest Control are very good and efficient and ensure that they place the correct amount of boxes in the garden. I highly recommend them. I also find the reports very helpful they email after their visit.

      Thank you JG for being such a good company.

      Author *Rochelle Benson   

      Excellent service received from technician Danny Morris today. Thank you.
      Highy recommend JG Pest Control.


      We had a serious issue with violent and nuisance seagulls in our school playground, a guy called Keith came round to give us the best options which he thought would be the best possible way to resolve our problem.
      Our cure was a 10-day intensive live hawk flying around and driving the gulls away, we could see improvements from the very first day, another thing that was recommended by Keith was some fake hawks for after the intensive course has finished to prevent the gulls from returning and so far it is working well.
      Keith was extremely helpful and very friendly. Anybody who has the same issue I would highly recommend this service.

      March 2018  

      From a really worried customer who couldn't eat or sleep from pests in the loft. Contacted and spoke to CJ who was so helpful and efficient in arranging the visit and work to be done. Danny came out to assess and talked through the problem and what needs to be done to prevent. Again very efficient and clear with submitting report. Eddy (Dan's brother) came out the next day and put in all prevention equipment/material, who took pics and showed me what he had done. Brilliant customer service, friendly and knowledgeable. No problems since and hopefully that's the end of them. Highly recommend this company and these guys. But in a nice way i hope i don't need your services again in the future 🙂


      Couldn’t recommend Tom highly enough. Excellent job.

      Author John   
      Fast and Efficient  

      I contacted JG Pest Control in the summer when I discovered a wasp nest in a wall cavity. They could not have been more helpful - I actually got same day service - a super efficient and friendly guy came out and dealt with the problem that afternoon. I had a follow up call too to make sure the problem had been solved. I highly recommend this company.

      Quick and very good job  

      Rang the company in the morning, they sent the man in the afternoon. Sprayed and in a few hours the wasps were all gone! This fast and effective job made my telent very happy. Thanks a lot! Will use the service again if we need to!


      When your man sprayed in matter of minutes on bees/wasps net and disappeared I was discontent and thought the wasps would comfortably stay there.
      But in matter of days, they all disappeared and haven’t returned so far for almost a year. Touch wood.
      Now I am pleased and can even open the loft window which for long time I couldn't because wasp net was right next to it . Thanks- it was money worth spent.

      Sadiq Subhani   

      Hi Mathew

      Thank you for your service with regards to pest control to my property. The service provided was first class to which you responded immediately. I have had no further problems and the problem has been resolved. Should I need your services again, I will let you know. JOB WELL DONE

      Thank You

      Darren Smith

      Author *Darren Smith   
      Great help  

      My student house had a rat infestation, and JG pest control were super helpful and quick to arrange appointments. Steven was the guy who came to our house and I found him incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. He found all the problems and wrote down exactly what my landlord should do. Thanks to you guys I now have a rat-free home.


      Their quote was much better value for money compared to all other companies we contacted in that it treated all the bedrooms and shared areas and was much more thorough. They were clear about what the heat treatment would involve and how to prepare - and it went like clockwork and it worked 100%. We cannot praise enough either the help and advice given by the guys in the office, or Ben who turned out to do the job who was super friendly and professional, more and would go straight back to them in the future without a second thought. Thank you all so much.

      Went above and beyond  

      I just had my second rodent control visit from JG pest control. It was Jack who really knew his stuff. From the moment he walked in, he thoroughly surveyed the place, gave me invaluable advice and went above and beyond to ensure all the possible access points were covered. He gave me tips and showed me things I could use for other issues in the house. You can tell when someone genuinely wants you to be OK, and is not just doing the job for the money, and that was the service from JG pest control. I immediately felt compelled to write positive feedback that I emailed the company as soon as Jack left.

      Would highly recommend.. worth every penny for the service and the unequivocal peace of mind.

      Thank you

      Title of Testimonial wonderful service  

      Testimonial *To be honest I was a nervous wreck when I discovered bed bugs and was sleeping on the couch. JG pest were so efficient and supportive in dealing with the problem. I had a full house heat treatment and they returned two week later and sprayed the house. so far I've only found one dried out dead bed bug so extremely pleased. The guys they sent were so professional and understanding and I could not recommend this company more.

      Author *Beth Hill   

      Testimonial * This excellent company sorted out my pest problem in July but due to ill health I have only now been able to post a review
      They are very helpful, very efficient and very polite. I highly recommend them.
      A huge thank you to all at JG Pest Control.

      Author *shirley ward   
      Tom Davies  

      We recently have had a rat problem in our loft - Tom was absolutely brilliant and hopefully the rats will not return -even though it was awful knowing we had the rats in the loft we felt Tom would get rid of them and also ensure they would not return . Would highly recommend !

      Debbie cooper   
      Awkward wasps nest  

      Testimonial *The young man dealt uncomplainingly & efficiently with a nest in a really difficult corner of attic. Glad I'm not of the religion that will not kill Anything,the blissful peace after 3 months of hell. Will recommend to everyone, loads of such problems in the countryside

      Author Sylvia Anderson*   
      Title of Testimonial A good job done  

      Testimonial *sorry cannot remember the young mans name, but he was very helpful and efficient. Very pleasant member of the team. Back in a week to check on wasps nest!!! 🐝🐝🐝🐝 M.Aguirre , London

      Author * manoli aguirre   
      Title of Testimonial wasps  

      Testimonial *had a wasp nest in my attic, a lovely man called marcus came round. He was efficient,professional, friendly and very reassuring. I would highly recommend jg pest control to everyone and can't thank them enough

      Author *julie   
      JG Pest Control  

      Each of the visits were carried out thoroughly and professionally. The different workers who visited were all very friendly and easy to speak to, taking time to answer all of my questions and explain what they were doing.

      I would definitely recommend them and would like to thank them for their work.

      Mice all gone  

      Paul came round.. Assessed situation. Explained treatment. Said would return in two weeks to do follow up which wasn't needed as mice had vanished within the first few days... The Pied Piper couldn't have done it better. Would recommend and use again...

      Title of Testimonial large wasp infestation  

      Testimonial *great service, the nest was inside the roof eaves so JG had to return twice to fully get rid of the wasps at no extra cost and no delays

      Author *d taylor   
      Title of Testimonial Nest removal  

      Testimonial *Appointments were offered promptly. Eradication took 2 visits ,and is now successfully completed. The 2 operatives were pleasant and knowledgable.

      Author *Muriel Raleigh   

      Testimonial *
      I thank you for the opportunity to review your services.
      I contacted your company and within 2 days your technician was on site. The gentleman who carried out the work was professional and conducted himself in a manner that speaks well for your company.
      He was informative in explaining his work and offered positive advice.
      The gentleman demonstrated good business practice.

      Author *Gareth   

      Testimonial *A very prompt response both on the telephone and by the delegate. Excellent work at a reasonable price. No more problems with wasps.

      Author *Charles Williams   

      Quick effective service, wasps removed straight away...were out within 24 hours!!

      Mr A Grewal   

      Scott came to our house today to sort the wasp nest problem under the facias board on the outside of the building on the first floor. So professional he is. The day after no sign at all of wasp movement. So happy money well spent and will use their company again if need be. Thank you so much. Happy days.

      Yusuf unluhelvaci   
      Friendly service  

      Friendly young man, who was informative and polite. Very happy customers : )

      Bed bugs!   
      Wasps in the Bathroom  

      Two days before my holiday started to notice a few wasps in and around the house but the majority were located in the bathroom and kitchen. On inspection around the back of my property above the bathroom window I noticed quite a few wasps flying around above the window just below the guttering.

      Contacted JG Pest Control explain my situation and the team acted fast and professionally explained that there nothing to worry about and they would have somebody out in the next 48 hours as I had called later afternoon on a Sunday.

      I spoke with the team and explained I wouldn't be in the house as I was on holiday but my Mother would be able to let them in while I was away.

      The team arrived and within an hour and a half the team were finished since they have gone I can confirmed that the wasps are no more very professional and I would highly recommend JG Pest Control. Pricing and service was unbeatable.

      Author * David Rhys Payne   

      Used JG Pest Control earlier this year. One dead rat, job done

      Pleasant efficient service  

      Your operative, Will, arrived, set our minds at rest, and solved our problem in short order. Thank you for our services, can't recommend too much

      Author *Phil N   

      Cannot sing the praises of this team enough, from start to finish. Gave them a call on a Sunday in somewhat of a panic after discovering a bedroom crawling with horrible little nippy bugs, and was reassured that someone would be with me 8am the next morning to begin the heat treatment. My superman (Danny) called to ask if I was ok with him being a bit earlier - great - the sooner the better! He knew straight away what we were dealing with (bird mites) and got to work helping me sweep the rooms for items that would get damaged during the heat process and was very patient as I had my 3 year old and 9month old to deal with too. Every step was explained clearly and he kept me in the loop throughout the process. He reassured me that he was going to do everything he could to eradicate the little suckers - he seemed to have a personal vendetta against these bugs so I think we were definitely lucky that he was assigned to this job!
      Courteous, professional, knowledgeable in his field.. top bloke. Top company. I hope I never have to call out pest control again, but if I do, I won't hesitate to call these guys.

      Author *Amanda G   

      We had Ray come out to our bird problem and the service was out of this world very happy and would recommend the company to anyone


      Testimonial *Thanks to JG pest control for an excellent service, delivered at the arranged appointment times. We chose the chemical treatment for bedbugs and to date treatment has been a great success. We needed a total of three visits and there was no issue with them returning. All technician's were very friendly, helpful and knew how to deal with the problem. Office staff are very helpful and efficient. Well done all.Fantastic service, would recommend to anyone and would certainly use them again if necessary.

      Author *susan   

      Great service rang May 15th technicians Connor and Michael arrived 9-30am on the 16th May they were both vey pleasant and friendly guys a credit to the company.
      The job was carried out very quickly so just waiting to see that it has worked and got rid of bee problem.

      Author *Christopher   
      Title of Testimonialmoths  

      Testimonial *hi i would like to thank you for the great service you gave me at ,to me this stressful time, from matt on the phone to damon who came to my house ,you are a credit to his firm ,very kind and helpful ,you made me feel at easy and because i was upset ,made me feel better after i spoke to you, thank you all

      Author *frances   
      Title of Testimonial Fantastic service  

      Testimonial *
      Dear Sirs,

      thank you for your email regarding yesterdays job # 92004554 regarding a Hornets nest at our property.

      We would just like to say thank you for a first class service from start to finish, we have nothing but praise for the professional way you dealt with our problem and the contact we had from your team. A special mention for Scott the Technician who dealt with our problem, he explained everything that he was going to do and advised us on the treatment he was going to carry out, he went out of his way to make sure the problem was dealt with properly and advised us not to hesitate in contacting you if there was any further problems, he is a credit to your company.

      We would certainly not hesitate in recommending you to friends.

      Many thanks once again.

      M & R White

      Author *R White   
      So happy I picked JG above the rest!!!!  

      I just moved into a new house and on moving Day noticed it was infested with bed bugs and was absolutely devastated and beside myself I immediately rang dozens of heat treatment companies... some were cheaper but something about JGs reviews and customer service over he phone drew me to them and I'm so happy it did! They attended yesterday and the guys were amazing! Friendly, empathetic, explained everything well to me, professional and kept me calm lol. My house was in a worse way then I thought but instead of doing the job I paid for and going home the guys rang head office to see what more they could do! They used more chemicals ( expensive ones that cost them money ) and put further things in place to prevent reinfestation with no extra cost to me! I cannot express how comfortable I am with this company and it's so nice not having regrets and not picking a company that just wanted my money and get out the door. Me and my partner had to spend every penny we saved to decorate and buy stuff for the new house on this treatment and don't have another penny we are mortified! We weren't even in our new home for 2 hours! Before this happend. But with the service from JG we are able to remain positive, and just be thankful our new home is in safe hands! Everything else will come with time.
      Got a follow up treatment in two weeks and cannot wait To have it all settled! I have no doubt it will go well and I will have another positive review to write!

      All I can say is I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND JG!! And I think rats, mice, any future possible pest control this will be the only company I will call or recomend to friends and family!


      Jessica Edwards   
      Title of Testimonial Pigeon Proofing  

      Testimonial * The approach to our office premises had become a daily challenge due to the numbers of pigeons which had recently decided to make the roof their roosting place of choice. JG Pest Control provided a quick, competitive and concise quote. The works were carried out on a date of our choice, the technicians - John and Mason - were on-site early in the day and completed the entire job in one day. The site was left washed and decontaminated and we have not had a problem since installation 6 weeks ago - very professional and very effective service and we would thoroughly recommend this company.

      Author *Mrs Helen Howells   
      Fantastic service  

      Darren from jg pest control did a brilliant job removing squirrels from our loft and blocking up the entry holes. A fast, efficient and effective service - also Darren was extremely courteous and well informed about the task in hand. Highly recommended- thanks for all your help.

      Author *c Bailey   
      Brilliant Job  

      I give JG PestControl all my praises, They are lovely and easy to talk too. Also very understanding and helpful, I would recommend them to anyone who has a pest problem. Superb work very professional Thank you for all your help 🙂

      Great Service  

      Moths maybe harmless but they are very irritating. We noticed a nasty hatching of some larvae and contacted JG pest control. They were very helpful and extremely rapid in their visit and work.
      The technician was very good and the work done efficiently and thoroughly.
      Fingers crossed the persistence of the moths is not as good !


      Moth problem. Required 2 visits both of which were carried out professionally. Would certainly use this company again.

      Author *sherifa   
      fingers crossed!  

      Fingers crossed that the mice don't come back! Having lived in a first floor flat (block of 10) for 1 year without any rodent issues, I was upset when torn food wrapping and droppings appeared in low-level kitchen cupboards. After setting some traps, because I knew it wasn't a contained situation (i.e. the mice were coming in from somewhere - probably the flat beneath mine) - it didn't matter how many mice I caught - I knew I needed some 'professionals'. With no time to compare quotes (because I didn't know how big the problem was going to get in what amount of time), I decided on JG after reading reviews on their website and an initial phone call. I'm a naive guy in the sense that I tend to believe whatever 'expert opinion' I hear last. JG aren't cheap, but what's the price of peace of mind? Some people I know co-exist with mice, I didn't want to. JG's first visit saw their guy find a dead mouse in one of my traps. He also found what he thought to be the hole the mouse had come through. He filled the hole and put out some green poison. He was confident that was the end of the problem - as judging by the amount of droppings he saw he said it was probably only the one mouse which was now dead. Nice guy. Scottish. Older. Used tools to get under kitchen cupboards which I definitely couldn't have done. Spent about 45 minutes in the flat. Two weeks later came the scheduled follow up visit. Different guy. Younger. English. The green poison had all been eaten. So still had mice/coming in from somewhere. The second guy really knew his stuff (I'm naive remember). He spent two hours in the flat. Found multiple holes the first guy had missed (the hole the first guy filled didn't even turn out to be hole). Moved impossible to move furniture to get a look behind. Went up to the attic. He was brilliant - his name was William Dougherty. He blocked suspected entry points the mice were using, he put out red poison. By the time of JG's third visit, William found that the red poison he'd put out hadn't been touched - so (fingers crossed) the mice (which I'm sure are rampant in the block I live in) hadn't been able to find a way to get into my flat. He's left the poison - and occasionally I'm brave enough to look at it under the kitchen cupboards - and so far it remains untouched/uneaten. In the attic he'd found evidence - bigger droppings - of squirrel activity (which he initially thought might've been a rat/rats) - a wire had been chewed. So poison up there too. Good guy. Good attitude. Problem solver. Liked a challenge.

      Mr Rana   

      I had a problem with rats - when I phoned the person I spoke to was really helpful, well-informed and reassuring. He arranged for someone to come out less than 24 hours later and the problem was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Matthew in the office has been great at keeping in touch and making sure the problem is all sorted, and although it wasn't cheap, the cost is no more than other agencies, and I can't fault the service. Thanks!

      Author Jenny   
      Helpful, timely, effective  

      The representative who visited was helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. The problem was swiftly identified and resolved.

      Noise in Loft  

      I spoke to Wayne Miller Customer Service Manager and requested a visit to investigate a noise in the loft.
      He sent a Technician out who arrived exactly as planned and was very polite and conscientious. He laid some bait and within a few days the noise had stopped.
      I would not hesitate to request another visit should it ever be necessary and I would thoroughly recommend J G Pest Control.


      Testimonial really great service with multiple no quibble follow ups and knowledgeable advice. Problem solved permanently and my distress handled with reassurance and delicacy. Thank you

      Author *Patricia   
      Bed Bug Treatment  

      Very knowledgeable staff on the phone and the team who treated the bugs were excellent. I was very upset and worried that we had inadvertently brought bedbugs to our home after going away but JG were very reassuring and after the treatment I am pleased to say everything is fine and no sign of any more bugs.

      Shirley OBrien   

      Testimonial I tried the chemical treatment for bed bugs from two different companies and still couldn't get rid of the pests completely. Eventually opted for the heat treatment from JP Pest Control and that was the most effective treatment. Their service is gauranteed so you get peace of mind that they will get the job done

      Author *eric   
      Title of Testimonial excellent  

      Testimonial * Very pleased with the service and staff, quick, friendly and informative. Would recommend to anybody.

      Author *Lesley Walmsley   

      I had a controller called Wayne he was very good and got rid of the rats and fast! I thought JG were expensive but at least did the job well. Friendly person !

      Mr Patel   
      Excellent Service!  

      JG Environmental Pest Control is an excellent company to do business with. We have had 2 wasp nest infestations since the summer. We decided to call out a company to take care of the problem. Not only did JG manage to schedule us an emergency appointment but they came out on a Sunday! Our appointment was first thing in the morning and their Technician Scott Lansdowne arrived on time and even rang an our before the appointment as a curtosy call to remind us of the visit. Scott was curtious, professional and friendly. Their was a bit of confusion on our part as to their being more than one nest and so JG only had one nest down for treatment. As a show of good will Scott kindly said he would treat the second nest free of charge! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both Scott and JG to anyone in need of pest control.
      All the best.

      Mr and Mrs Tyler   
      Wasp nest  

      Testimonial *prompt and professional service. Definitely recommend!

      Author *Richard   

      I would recommend JG Pest Control to anyone. First class service from start to finish. Wonderful staff, a big thank you to Matt Ainger who was so sympathetic patient and reassuring, and to the cheery Technician who managed to keep me calm on visit. The company respected fully my request to be discreet and also accommodated my availability. Also very prompt with time. Needed a second visit which the company provided quickly. Many thanks to all at JG!

      Wasp Nest  

      I emailed the company for a quote which I received same day. I contacted them that afternoon and was able to organise a visit on the following day. Very good customer service from the young lady on the telephone to the young man that came to deal with the wasp nest. I would thoroughly recommend this company. Many thanks for your prompt and thorough service.

      Norah Howell   
      Top of the range  

      Testimonial *I found an absolute horror of lice on my bird within 24 hours they sent a great guy round friendly and helpful from start to finish and wonderfully discreet, really couldn't get a better or faster service

      Author *renay   

      Great service, thoroughly recommend JG Pest control. Rang this morning regarding a wasp nest, Henry arrived this afternoon, and sorted it out! He was very efficient, friendly and professional. I got the same treatment on the phone when I paid later...sorry didn't catch your name! Super service, thankyou.

      No Wasps Nest  

      On moving to a new property we instantly noticed a high number of wasps in our garden so we decided to call JG who said we did probably have a nest somewhere. Very quick at coming out although within 10 minutes told us we didn't have a nest at all and that the wasps are simply attracted to our trees. At first I was a little disappointed as we'd been charged for a full call out and to get rid of a nest however a big thank you to Matthew for understanding my concern at this cost and offering a partial rebate. Prompt, efficient, fair, understanding -not adjectives you can normally use to describe a companies service these days but JG PestControl are all of those and more. Hopefully we won't need to call out Pest Control again but if we do then I know who to call.

      Karen Clarkin   

      Testimonial *good. Service

      Great service  

      Appointment was arranged very quickly. The technician was on time and the treatment destroyed a large wasps' nest in the first attempt.

      cat fleas.  

      fleas left by cat sitting daughter's cat. Couldn't sort it ourselves. Quick and efficient and friendly service from JG Pest Control. We are very relieved and grateful.

      Author *peter Judd   
      Courteous swift service  

      It was a pleasure to deal with JG. There was a quick answer to our request to eliminate a wasp nest and it was removed almost immediately.

      Author *Lord Remnant   

      Friendly and helpful, explained all options, then got rid of the bed bugs. Excellent service.

      Title of Testimonial A goos job well done  

      Testimonial * A good efficient service with a smile. Very quick follow-up to check if there were any wasps still around in the loft. Highly recommended.

      Author *David Hopkins   

      Had great prompt service from JG pest control. Would recommend them to anyone

      Tracey S   
      Great Service  

      Had tried to get rid of wasps using spray/powder from garden centres without success. Phoned JG in morning and they visited in afternoon calling in advance to say on the way. Good polite service from technician. Quite spectacular to see wasp response. Guy certainly needed his overalls and hood!! Fingers crossed that wasps now gone but have guarantee if not!! Only downside is quite expensive for a quick visit. If only powder could be purchased domestically so could do the job myself!! But worth it to get rid of wasps.

      Keith Carter   

      An excellent service from the start. Very quick response and totally satisfied with the outcome, professional and would not hesitate to recommend them.

      Mr & Mrs Betsy   
      Title of Testimonial great service  

      Testimonial *on Wednesday was visited by a lovely gentleman George, kept me in touch of when he would be arriving so was not having to spend the day at home, when he arrived he delt with our wasps nest very quickly and explained everything he would be doing, he assured me the problem was solved but said not to hesitate to call him on his mobile if we needed to.
      Great Service very reasonable and a lovely gentleman, wasps all gone.

      Author *hazel   
      Great service  

      Friendly staff, great results and easy to book. Thank you!!

      Thank you. Great job.  

      Treated wasp nest. Reasonably priced and good service. Had to come out twice to treat was only reason for 4.5 stars rather than 5 but very happy with service and price. Recommended!

      Sarah Oates   
      Great service  

      Very polite and helpful team on the phone, and Mr Rose, who came out to treat the wasp's nest was informative and charming. Really recommend.

      Liz Neville   
      Excellent service  

      JG have given me wise and calming advice on my bed-bug infestation. They have guided me through every step kindly, sympathetically and with humour. They do warn that a second treatment is sometimes needed and say they will do it free of charge if necessary: in our case it was necessary and when I phone to say we'd had a sighting of a live bug, they were the ones who volunteered the second visit, without quibble, without delay. They seem just as determined to eradicate the problem as we are. They communicate well, they do what they say they'll do, they turn up when they say they will, they have been reliable about locking up behind them. Extremely competent. Well worth the money. Thank you JG.

      Title of Testimonial Wasp Nest  

      Testimonial *Very satisfied with Dean's success in ridding us of a hidden wasp nest in an awkward location.

      Author *Tim   
      removel of wasp nest  

      Quick, friendly service - both by booking team and the man on site and wasp nest successfully removed first time and within half a day. Very happy

      phil moura   
      Title of Testimonial Perfect service  

      Testimonial *Same day appointment for wasp nest treatment. Friendly tel and on site staff. A second visit was required and again this was made very quickly. I highly recommend them.

      Author *Susan Quinn   
      Title of Testimonial Wasps dealt with  

      Testimonial * I contacted JG Pest Control about a wasp problem in a difficult to reach place under the eaves of the roof. They attended very quickly and resolved the issue with a spray treatment.

      Author *Graeme Alp   
      Title of Testimonial Wasp Nest  

      Testimonial * Dan called this morning to deal a wasp nest at the back of the house. Firstly, he kept me informed as to when he would be likely to arrive. When he did so, he was polite and efficient and explained everything to me about what he was doing and any resultant hazards of the treatment. Highly recommended.

      Author * Mark Sampson   
      Title of Testimonial Wasps  

      Testimonial *
      Very effective and efficient. Thank you!

      Author *Alan Foss   
      Quick & Efficient  

      Called the company around 9.30am, wasp nest dealt with within 2hrs...informative, friendly & professional staff...thank you P.S. Don't envy your job though...

      Rachel Price *   
      Title of Testimonial Wasps Away  

      Testimonial * Excellent service and your operator came the following day even though it was a Sunday and cleared the wasp nest. Two hours later there were no wasps in the garden and 24 hours later there's still no sign of a wasp.

      Author SJE   

      Really pleased with how JG Pest Control dealt with a wasps nest problem. They were very efficient on the phone when booking a visit, and the technician came exactly when he said he would, with a confirmation phone call half an hour before he arrived. Matthew was extremely polite, knowledgeable and helpful, and treated the wasps nest effectively. A professional and reassuring company to deal with - thank you.

      Author *V Buckingham   
      Wasp nest  

      I contacted JG pest control in the morning and Leo came about 8pm the same day. No sign of wasps anywhere at the moment! Very quick and easy. Would definitely recommend. Many thanks.

      Excellent service  

      Testimonial *Excellent and prompt service. Would use JG again and highly recommend.

      Author *L. Ford   
      Title of Testimonial Wasp removal  

      Testimonial *Although it was quite a long wait, when the technician came the problem was explained very well and sorted quickly in a friendly and courteous manner. Recommended. Thank you Jamie

      Author Mrs Sinnott   
      Title of Testimonial Horrible Wasp Nest in our Eaves removed  

      Testimonial *Wonderful service, came the day after I called despite there being a glut of wasps nests at the moment. Poor Nathan had started early in the morning, and was still working hard gone 9.00 pm when he got to us and was very polite and courteous. This is the morning after and there is still the odd wasp flying around as we were warned there would be, but I think it has been successful and these odd ones will soon be gone.

      Author *Mrs Kathleen Martin   
      Badger fell into eternal sleep in my garden !  

      Fab service and a very happy customer. The poor old fella decided to curl up and die in my garden over night, problem is I could not deal with as I have OCD - germ phobia and am pregnant ! thank goodness for this company . Dealt with professionally , quick and efficiently and my favorite bit the disinfecting area. Thankyou JG

      Author *Lou Craigie   
      Friendly and efficient service  

      Great service received today to get rid of a wasp nest. Karen was fab when I phoned in a panic this morning, and a technician arrived promptly this afternoon. The problem was dealt with calmly, and sooooo fast, and very reassuring to know they'll come back next week if it's not sorted. Thanks so much!

      Professional and hopefully effective work thank you :)  

      Just wanted to say thank to the staff at JG Pest Control. I had a very positive experience from the time of my call, where I was treated with respect, everything was explained to me and I was guaranteed a next day visit. Steve the technician was extremely good, called when running late (something which my local council couldn't be bothered to do and left me waiting all afternoon). Steve completely fumigated my flat from bedrooms right through to entrance area in my flat, I couldn't really have asked for more. Hopefully the bed bug infestation has been eradicated and I can sleep more soundly at night. I highly recommend this company and would recommend to anyone if they have problem with pests. Once again, thank you so much for your prompt and efficient service. If I ever have this problem again, will definitely call JG Pest Control 🙂 🙂

      Author *Mandy   

      Excellent Service and peace of mind from the technician who talked us through the whole process of removing the wasps nest. First Class thanks

      Excellent technician  

      TestimonialWe had a dead fox under a thick hedge in the back garden. Difficult to get to and remove. Technician cleared the undergrowth and removed the decaying body. Throughout the job the man was polite and very helpful. Cleared and disinfected the site. What a relief.
      A job well done.

      Author *D Boora   
      Excellent technician  

      TestimonialWe had a dead fox under a thick hedge in the back garden. Difficult to get to and remove. Technician cleared the undergrowth and removed the decaying body. Throughout the job the man was polite and very helpful. Cleared and disinfected the site. What a relief.
      A job well done.

      Author *D Boora   
      Title of Testimonial bed bugs  

      Testimonial *We had a severe bed bug problem the technician came round on time and was excellent totally cleared the house of the bed bugs (just wish my mate who caused them could be sprayed ) i was wary of the price but i would of paid more excellent service from friendly helpful people would highly recommend to anyone

      Author *ricky mcmillan   

      Testimonial *Thank you very much for your prompt and professional service; I am now able to go out of my front door 😀 without being stung by wasps.

      Author *jayne   
      Professional Staff  

      Very professional and friendly member of staff Would like to thank David for the rat and ant advice as well! Wasp problem seems to have resolved. Would recommend and use this company again. Came same day to sort out wasp problem after payment over the phone-brilliant!!

      Amarjit Gill   
      Thank you.  

      Very efficient. I rang on the Saturday and Dan arrived on the Sunday. Dan did a wonderful job (wasp nests) and explained everything at the right level with our 4 year old. Thank you.

      Ms Turner   
      Title of Testimonial Rats  

      Testimonial * JG Pest Control is very prompt with returning calls, following up with visits & dealing with follow-ups when necessary. Their 3 month 'guarantee' period is very reassuring. Highly Commended, thank you.

      Author * Laraine   
      Title of Testimonial bees nest  

      Testimonial * Jamie & colleague came out on Thursday 4th Aug 2016. To deal with a bees nest. Very pleased with their service. Very helpful, friendly & polite. Hopefully they have cured the problem. I've rated them a 5. Thank you very much.

      Author * Mrs Helen robbins   
      Title of Testimonial wasp free  

      Testimonial : Called on Monday wasp nest gone by Tuesday & it cost less than a quarter of the cost I was quoted by rentokil, really good service & a big thank you to Dan ( the wasp man ) 🐝🐝

      Author *jackie salter   
      Title of Testimonial. Excellent Service  

      Testimonial *. Delighted with very prompt and efficient service to remove wasp nest. Operator arrived within 2 hours of me calling and dealt with problem swiftly and with no fuss. Was also very knowledgable and gave me lots of background as to what he needed to do. Thank you very much, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and will certainly use you again if any more problems arise.

      Author Deborah Morgan   
      Title of Testimonial FIRST RATE SERVICE  

      Testimonial *
      On sighting a mouse scurrying across the floor, I called JG who immediately sent out an engineer. I was utterly petrified but the engineer, Aaron
      Mc, was so supportive and thorough that I felt secure. Fantastic service and I highly recommend this company for quick and efficient care. Worth every penny!

      Author *JW   
      Title of Testimonial Thank you!  

      Testimonial We were setting up on Saturday afternoon 30th July
      for for a sixtieth birthday garden party the next day when it became evident that we had a wasps nest in the eaves exactly beside the bar! I didn't think we'd get anybody to come out on a Saturday evening. I phoned, talked to a very friendly lady who sent out a man that evening. I was told they couldn't guarantee all the wasps being dead by the following day but ... they were! Excellent result. Thank you!

      Author Mylene O'Connor   

      Testimonial *Next day service was really appreciated,quick and efficient service carried out by Daniel Wynn to Goethe rid of a wasp nest in a bush.Would be glad to recommend JG.

      Author *Barry Martin   
      Title of Testimonial BEEs in roof/wall  

      Testimonial *
      The swarm had lodged itself upstairs between the hanging tiles on a dormer and the bedroom studwork inside. We could hear them buzzing through the bedroom wall !!
      It was reluctantly decided that they could not be removed/rescued and the only way to be rid of them was to destroy the nest from the outside.
      The operative had to come three times at one week intervals before no more were seen - this was obviously a tough swarm.
      The service provided however was very professionally managed - someone always answered the phone, there was email confirmation and the operative always phoned within the appointed time about half an hour before he arrived.
      The service is not too cheap but there were no quibbles about "free" return visits to finally clear the problem.

      Author *Alan Matthews   

      The first tradesman I've had in a long time who was courteous, took time to answer my questions, and to explain to me what he was going to do. No fuss, got on with the job and was finished in no time. My problem was solved! I was very impressed by his profesionalism and politeness. I will never use another company while they are still trading.
      Sadly I can't remember his name.


      I had a problem with a Mole in my garden, which was ruining the lawn. The service received from JG Pest Control was very prompt and professional. Our special thanks to Scott Capper, their technician, who we found to be friendly, polite and proffessional in providing an excellent service. I would highly recommend this company without any hesitation.

      Author * Navin Sharma   
      Fantastic service  

      I have just had a visit from Paul who has treated an ant infestation for me. What a lovely man - friendly, respectful, and committed to solving whatever issue he has been called for. Paul explained everything clearly and was a pleasure to have in my home - thank you so much, I hope I don't have to call again but that is meant in the best possible way! I would have no hesitation in using the company again, if required.


      Testimonial *This is the second time I have called on JGE. Again it was flying stingers taking a shine to our flat roof area. Daniel was efficient, helpful and courteous. It looks like the treatment has worked, as he said it would, but I know JGE will return if not. Which leaves me with a comforting sense of security. They will always be my first contact for any future pest problems.

      Author Michael Carter*   
      Title of Testimonial Pest Busters  

      Testimonial *Carried out the work exactly as stated. Excellent.

      Author *Atul Patel   
      Very Efficient  

      Had David come out to look into a spider issue. Was quick, thorough and efficient and very friendly. Went over the entire property to ensure there would be no spiders in the property in the foreseeable future and identified and destroyed a false widow during his visit. Would certainly recommend to a friend and use again in the future is required.

      Ben McAleer   
      Bee problem that was in fact wasps  

      Thought it was bees but it was in fact wasps! All dealt with very efficiently. The wasps were not happy but I am.

      Peter Owen   
      Title of Testimonialgood and efficient service  

      Testimonial *We had a swarm of bees which had found a home in the space between a hanging roof and the bedroom studwork.
      I consulted beekeeping friends who said that the bees would not be able to be saved without removing the roofing or internal bedroom wall.
      Rang JG who made a next day appointment and they came on time after ringing half an hour before.
      Bees went from our wall but many were left in next door neighbours roof of our semis so after 5 days to make sure the first try had not fully worked JG returned and have got rid of the survivors.
      They were very efficient confirming the appointments, payments, actions etc by email in all cases.

      Author *AlanMatthews   
      Great service  

      Testimonial * Very swift, efficient removal of our wasps nest, and a courteous service. I would recommend this firm to anyone with a pest problem and will definitely contact them again if necessary in future. They have also guaranteed the work, so if there are any more wasps in a week's time they will return to sort the problem out, with no extra charge.

      Author *Clare   
      Removal of bee colony under floorboards  

      JG were terrific. They arranged a visit the morning after I called, and an extremely helpful person arrived promptly and dealt with the bee colony under the floorboards in one of our bedrooms. The three week guarantee has given us peace of mind too. Many thanks.

      Author *Frances Rae   
      Mice Infestation  

      I would like to thank Scott Capper for his visit today. Scott was extremely professional and friendly.
      Scott came across as very knowledgeable and was very helpful and willing in carrying out his tasks and giving us advice at the same time.
      I have recommended that he also visits us for his next visit hopefully to finalise our mice problem.
      Thank you very much.

      Azmal Bahar   
      Title of Testimonial Brilliant  

      Testimonial *Absolutely brilliant-call made 7.30 on the evening which was answered by a real live polite and helpful person. Attended the following day around lunchtime called to say on their way as promised bees nest removed job done. Fantastic prompt efficient and polite would recommend all day long

      Author *Carol   
      Super quick and efficient!  

      I called around 10am. Booked in same day with email confirmation. The office staff were extremely professional and helpful in the phone. Phil 'The Exterminator', turned up at 3pm the same day as agreed. We spent about 30mins surveying the bees to work out how best to locate the nest. It was on quite a tricky pitched roof and there was no fuss with access, he just got on with it. Also a really nice guy. I would highly recommend JG Pest control!

      Author Hamilton   
      Title of Testimonial Brilliant  

      Testimonial * I could not fault young Tom, he was very polite and professional. He tended to our wasps nest very efficiently. He is a credit to the company and should be commended for his ability in resolving our issue promptly. Thank you again Tom.

      Author *A Cashmore   

      I was very impressed with the extremely prompt, professional and friendly service provided by jg


      Fantastic service from initial phone call. Visited next morning and the technician was so helpful and explained everything.
      Felt miles better after this first visit and I am terrified of mice so that is no mean task
      Do not hesitate to use this firm they are brilliant

      Pauline Humphrey   

      Was recommended from my neighbour. Just had my last visit. Can't speak highly enough of this service. All the guys were polite, friendly & professional.

      Thank you so much in getting rid of my mice problem.

      Cathie Sutton   

      Excellent service. Sorted after a botched job by Absolute Environment. JG Pest Control came the next day and were fuss-free, with clear instructions. A few weeks later itching stopped. 6 weeks later after 1 visit I have steamed and there was no smell of bedbugs at all. I haven't done any other treatment meantime so it must be you guys, should have called you sooner!


      I cannot recommend the services of JG Pest Control more highly. They believe in good old fashioned customer service and they do what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it, and they keep you updated every step of the way. My daughter’s student flat became infested with bedbugs and they first contacted Rentokil in Manchester for an estimate for heat treatment. The price kept changing (upwards) and a contract finally appeared which was all based on the assessment from the ‘site visit’. As there hadn’t been one my daughter finally rang to ask us for advice – and when we rang the main Rentokil switchboard they were adamant that they never quote without a site visit, so we smelt a rat and decided to look elsewhere for help. JG Pest Control to the rescue and off to Manchester to sort the problem out. Their quote was much better value for money in that it treated all the bedrooms and shared areas and was much more thorough. They were clear about what the heat treatment would involve and how to prepare - and it went like clockwork and it worked 100%. We cannot praise either the help and advice given by Sam Devereux, or the chaps who turned out to do the job, more and would go straight back to them in the future without a second thought. Thank you all so much.

      Belinda H   

      Called At 9.45 am , Tony Surveyor called within hour to advise would be at site within 30 minutes was spot on time . Really friendly and professional , found pest entrance immediately via a drain we did not know was present . So impressed with the service have cancelled our contract with Rentokil who could not be bothered to return our call with a 24 hour period . JG Pest control now have this contract what more to I need to say

      Solus Accident Repair Centre   

      i had awful bed bugs JG said they would get rid of them
      and thats what they did!
      jeff cooper 25/1/2016 stanmore

      jeff cooper   

      Unwelcome furry visitor in the kitchen!
      Sean phoned before arrival, arrived on time as agreed, and was very helpful, friendly and professional.
      Hopefully the visitor will be no more by the time JG comes back to check!

      Anthony Harding   

      This is the third time we have used them. Booking of the job is always easy. The technicians are prompt; courteous and know their stuff. I especially want to commend Chris Daley who attended today for his honesty as to whether there was evidence of a problem. His conduct will make me use your service again and recommend your company to others. What a star!


      The JG team were very helpful over the phone and advised on the different types of treatments available. Quotes followed in minutes through email and an appointment agreed within 2 days. The Operative turned up on time and took care of the infestation very professionally. A report followed later in the day by email. All in all an extremely professional company and I would not hesitate to recommend.


      Excellent service. Highly recommend JG Pest control. We had an infestation of bed bugs in my mothers house, which we discovered after she was taken into hospital. I rang JG's and explained the problem. They said they could have someone out the next day (and they were cheaper than the city council) They were very prompt and efficient. And even though we had to call on them to come back for a second visit, they were very helpful and efficient. And all of my family would like to thank all involved for an excellent service. A++++++

      Wendy Holman   

      I had fleas + bedbugs heated & spray treatment done for the whole property, I was very worried when moved into a new property after having fleas bite, contacted JG pest control for advice and they had been so brilliant. I would like to say thank you to David the technician who did my flat. Him and another the guy, they were so helpful, and when finished they left the place very neat and tidy just how it was before. Inform me about everything regarding after treatment..etc. I am so so happy with the service. It is a bit more pricey compare to many other pest control company out there, but honestly you do get what you pay for. They turn up at the exact right time they promised too. Very helpful with every single aspect of the problem, explained clearly about how my whole property would be treated. And even afterward when I had a few queries I called the office and they was so excellent on the phone reassuring their service and I can contact them if needed another spray after 6 weeks. I will not hesitate to use JG pest control for anything else in the future!!! Thank you so much!

      Bichngoc Vu   

      Many thanks to your technician ,Rhys, for the professional and thorough service he provided. He was very efficient , dealing with the problem for me, offering other services that may be helpful, explaining them fully including cost. Rhys was also very understanding about my severe rodent phobia
      I would certainly recommend your company to other people.

      Mrs. Pamela Brown   

      Thanks for the quick same day visit by Barry H. He was clear and straight talking, taking time to explain what the visit would include and then describing what he'd discovered following his inspection of the loft and the outside storage area. He has left traps for our unwanted furry visitors, and I feel confident we'll get this sorted out quickly. He'll be back in 3 weeks to check and I'm very happy indeed with the service.

      Mrs J. Willis   

      I can not recommend JP Pest Control enough. I have been provided a quote within hours, paying over the phone was hassle-free and a professional came to inspect the house with a very short notice. Fantastic customer service and friendly staff!


      JG Environmental Pest Control is a good company to do business with. I found there were no hidden agendas with this company, 'its what it says on the tin' Their technician David was very courteous, friendly and efficient in addressing my plight . He also provided me with good sound information to help us stop vermin from entering our home for the future. Wonderful service, good to know who to call if I have pests in the home again.
      I would certainly employ them again and I also would certainly recommend them to anyone to address their pest problems.

      Thank you once again.

      Vinnette Petrie   

      We had a squirrel problem and the Connor was very polite and courteous.
      He explained the options very well and was very professional.

      Michael Diaper   

      A very friendly, courteous and prompt and informative service. Unfortunately the news was bad, in that we had an untreatable ivy bee infestation. Many thanks. Can be highly recommended
      Mr. and Mrs. Leonard - 8 October 2015

      G Leonard   

      Really impressed by this organisation, from the moment I called through to the visit. Friendly, reassuring ( I have rodent phobia!), and swift to respond. I got an appointment quickly and at the weekend so didn't have to rearrange work. They really know their stuff. I will wholeheartedly recommend to others.


      Very good and professional service from JG.


      Houston we have a problem.
      And JG came up with the answer.
      Barry came and heated the house to boiling point.
      I was beside myself with horror and needed a speedy result and JG provoded it,Praise the Lord and JG and Barry
      Highly recommend,for the sypmpathy cool calm heads and a result Well done to all


      Great fast service. Caught a mouse on the visit and removed it. Very good thank you.

      Katherine Ball   

      Very good service by jg

      Peter Burton   

      Had Ian to remove squirrels, really helpful staff and very friendly. Thanks.


      Very happy with the quote and bird spiking carried out at my shop, I have also used this company for rat control extermination and got very quick results. Would recommend to anyone.


      Used JG pest after another company and the problem was finally removed. good service.


      Mark was very professional and I was very happy with the mice control service he provided. I can't wait for the end result. Thank you to Mark and the office staff who were also very helpful and reassuring.

      Teodora Mimaloda   

      The service received (Cockroach control) was very prompt and professional. The charged price was fair and the staff and workman was very helpful, friendly and insightful. All in all I am a happy customer. I will be recommending this company to my friends and family should they require pest control services.

      Bonnie Cockmartin   

      I was very happy with the service from Ian today. The service carried out was residential rat extermination and proofing.

      Lorraine Williams   

      Mice control service carried out, friendly and professional service given.

      Lisa Alexandersson   

      Very efficient, courteous service for control of cockroaches in my house. I look forward to the quick results!

      Susan Houder   

      JG Pest control comes highly recommended.

      Mr Thakker   

      It was refreshing to have such a friendly technician, a good job was completed.

      Darvinder Singh Gurwani   

      I would recommend this company for pest control services. (Cockroach treatment carried out effectively).

      Lacey Trower   

      Very happy with the service provided. Good quick response.

      Lucy White   

      I was very pleased with the prompt service and politeness of the technician, Mark.

      Amanda Burton   

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