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As Britain’s second-biggest city apart from London, Birmingham will always, unfortunately, be a hotbed for pests. Due to the population, comprising just over a million people, living closely together, it’s very easy for infestations to spread from the city centre to the suburbs, and vice versa.

JG Pest Control handles every sort of pest infestation imaginable, from large rodents to tiny insects, and is more than capable of dealing with Birmingham-based pest problems. Our friendly technicians are on hand any time to diagnose and resolve an infestation for you.

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Pest Control in Birmingham

Birmingham’s development into the town it is today began during the Industrial Revolution. With many areas of the city, including the Bullring Shopping Centre, redeveloped and transformed in the post-World War II years.

Birmingham today is a major business hub and one of the most culturally and socially diverse cities in the country, boasting the likes of Black Sabbath (music), J.R.R. Tolkien (literature) and Star Wars: Rogue One actress Felicity Jones (cinema) amongst those born in the city who have found fame outside it.

JG Pest Control operates throughout Birmingham and its surrounding areas.

If you are in or near Birmingham and looking for a quick response at competitive prices, call our friendly team now on  0121 655 0079  or contact us here.

Selection of pests we deal with are:

JG Pest Control services across Birmingham

The key to successfully dealing with a pest infestation is to take action as early as possible. If you suspect you have an infestation, the JG team can guarantee a successful treatment programme that includes a full aftercare programme. Additionally, if the case is an emergency, we offer a same-day call-out service to rid you of the problem as quickly as possible.

Some of the pests we deal with include:

• Rats
• Bees
• Wasps
• Mice
• Bedbugs
• Foxes

Our technicians are eager to help with any infestation in the Birmingham area. Call us now on  0121 655 0079  or contact us here for more information or to receive a quote.

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