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Pest Control & Wasp Nest Removal Slough

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JG Pest Control the local professional wasp removal company and bee keeper/ removal company in the Berks and Bucks area. If you have a wasp nest and are looking for wasp removal in the area give us a call on 01753 208220 in order to get a quote.

Emergency* Wasp & Bee Removal

Wasps, Hornets and Bees can be a real problem, especially when children and other vulnerable people are around. Call the emergency line any time on 01753 208220, alternatively email us at [email protected] (emergency emails always answered even out of hours).

*Please note that emergency charges apply.

Useful info on wasp nest removal Slough

If you see a constant flow of wasps or bees entering a hole or crevice around your guttering or in a hole in the brickwork you have a problem with wasps or bees and it is highly recommended that you call the professionals, JG Pest Control to eradicate the problem for you. Bees and wasps can administer a nasty sting and often this can cause a long lasting ache following a sharp sting at the time of the attack. This can induce an anaphylaxis shock and can potentially be life threatening.

Bee & Wasp nest removal Slough & Surrounding.

Fully insured – Leading provider of wasp pest control – RSPH certified – Wasp nest removal Slough.

Covering Windsor, Langley, Iver, Maidenhead and surrounding areas.

For leading wasp nest removal in Slough, by qualified RSPH technicians, call JG Pest Control now, on 01753 208220

Will they just go away?

  • Don’t ignore a wasp nest, they can cause significant damage
  • We have seen joists literally eaten away by the wasps and they often find their way through plasterboard ceilings in the later season.
  • This results in hundreds if not thousands of angry wasps being trapped in the living space of your property.
  • At this point they become much more difficult and costly to eradicate and get rid of, not to mention the mess.

How do I know I have a problem with a nest of bees, wasps or hornets?

It is common to see them tucking into meat and pretty much anything they can get to. Therefore it is not just a case of removing the sweets from the picnic!

The best thing to do if you are being overwhelmed in the garden is to watch them for a while and find where they are coming from, then call in a professional exterminator such as JG Pest Control who will safely and effectively remove the problem.

  • You know you have a nest when you see a large number of these insects going in and out of a hole somewhere, usually they will only use one entry point.
  • If you see high levels of wasps in or around the home then it is likely you or your neighbour have an active nest.

The best thing to do is call us as soon as you suspect a problem with wasps or bees, or a hornets nest in Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead, Langley or Iver or surrounding areas.


Emergency Wasp Control Services, call 01753 208220

Our Service

JG Pest control’s approach to wasp nest removal slough and bee eradication is to use professional pest control products that will totally eradicate the problem, this is guaranteed, meaning if the problem persists beyond 7-10 days, we will come back to re-treat the area free of charge (within a month).

For Wasp nest removal Slough Call 01753 208220

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