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Rats In The Garden

Mon 27th
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It can be very common to have rats in the garden especially if you live in the country. If you have rats in the garden it is possible you may get rats in your house as they look for food or warmth in the colder months. The usual places you will find rats in the garden hiding is within compost heaps where food is readily available or in drains where they are dry, for example.  Rats can not only get into your home but they can also damage the plants and flowers in your garden as nothing is able to grow in the path of rat urine.

Rats in the Garden

Using rat bait or rat poison can be dangerour if not carried out by a professional. It can be harmful to pets and small children or even other wildlife like hedgehogs or birds. If you have rats in the garden it is highly recommend you call in the rat removal specialists in London, from JG Pest Control. We can assess your rat situation; investigate where the rats are coming from while looking for places in which the rats could enter your home or business.

Rats can transmit a wide range of serious diseases and can be a very persistent nuisance to homes and businesses when not dealt with correctly. It has been reported that one pair of rats can shed more than one million body hairs each year, and leave over 45,000 droppings in that time. Not only are they dangerous but they are dirty and messy pests too, if you find rats in the garden you need to call us in.

We highly recommend that you call in our rat removal specialists as soon as you notice rats in the garden, home or business.

This will help to reduce the risk of the spread of illness and disease among your family, neighbours and staff.

Here at JG Pest Control London our pest removal team work as hard as they can to make your pest problems as hassle and stress free as possible. Our teams will indentify, monitor and treat your rat problems as quickly, efficiently and professionally as we can.

We offer a discreet service that will rid you of rats in the garden and you will not find rats in the garden entering your home again.

Contact our friendly team now, to find out how we can help you.

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