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Signs of Mice

Tue 28th
Mouse Extermination - 1hr Response!
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Common Signs of Mice

If a mice infestation is left to develop it can become extremely difficult to control. Mice have flexible skeletons, allowing them to squeeze through tiny gaps around your home.

They reproduce at a rapid rate; litters can be as big as 14, and females can produce up to 10 litters a year. This causes the issue to soon become unmanageable, so it’s crucial to seek mice removal services if you notice signs of mice.

Mice Droppings Identification

Mice are unsanitary rodents, defecating frequently and leaving up to 80 droppings a night.

Their droppings are small (around 3-8mm long), dark and often found around food sources, including cabinets, bins, shelves and storage boxes. Pay particular attention to the insides and tops of cupboards, as well as along skirting boards.

Mice are nocturnal; however, not the most inconspicuous, so the signs should be easy to spot. Living or Dead Mice: Unless you have pets that regularly bring in their prey, spotting a mouse is a clear indication of an infestation.

For leading mice control service in London, by qualified RSPH technicians, call JG Pest Control now, on  0333 015 1259 

Call JG Pest Control, on  0333 015 1259  , for mice removal in London.

Other Ways to Identify Mice

Scratching Sounds: These rodents aren’t quiet, so listen for persistent scratching or tapping sounds as they scurry between walls and under floorboards.

Bite Marks: Mice gnaw at cardboard and other packaging to keep their teeth sharpened. Look out for small sawdust piles, where they may have nibbled at furniture, floors or skirting boards, as well as damaged packaging. They won’t limit themselves to wood either, gnawing at wires, which is why eradication is essential to avoid house fires.

Grease Marks: As they brush against walls, floors and skirting, mice are likely to leave grease marks, thanks to their oily fur. Check for dark smears around holes or corners.

Tracks: Look out for fresh tracks by sprinkling a dusting of light flour or talcum powder onto the floor and checking for marks the next day.

Urine: Mice have weak bladders, causing them to urinate frequently and leaving trails and a strong ammonia-like smell, particularly noticeable in cupboards and lofts, behind them. During heavy infestations, urine, combined with body grease and dirt, can create small mounds, up to 4cm high and 1cm wide. The smell can linger, even after an infestation has been dealt with, which is why it’s important to address the problem.

Nests: Mice build nests from easy to shred materials, often located in lofts, suspended ceilings, cavity walls, under floorboards, behind fridges and in airing cupboards.

If you notice any signs of mice you should seek professional mice control to avoid further damage to your home and the risk of diseases spreading.

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