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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Cost

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Heat Treatment

A bed bug infestation can be distressing, which is why you need a quick and efficient resolution to the problem. A professional pest control heat treatment provides just that. Superior to any other method of bed bug eradication, heat treatments provide same day, complete eradication.

This method usually requires at least two operatives and treatment takes significantly longer than alternative methods; the minimum time is between 4-8 hours. With that in mind, a heat treatment will cost more than alternative chemical treatments, but is significantly more effective.

How Much is a Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs?

Every heat treatment is different, due to the varying needs of a home or business. Property size, the severity of the infestation and how quickly you require a treatment will all impact the cost.

As we heat the whole property, to ensure all traces of the bugs are removed, the number of rooms and size of the area can significantly influence the cost of a bed bug heat treatment.

A residential heat treatment for a bed bug or moth or other insect problem will usually be on a smaller scale, and therefore cheaper than treating a school or hotel, for example.

The following factors are considered before providing a price for bed bug heat treatment:

  • Generally the more rooms, the more expensive the treatment.
  • Larger rooms take longer to heat, so open plan areas and high ceilings usually cost more to treat.
  • We can provide an emergency response, which means treatment can be carried out in the evening, at night, or at the weekend. This emergency response will be priced appropriately.

Factors to Consider

  • The number of rooms to be treated
  • The size of rooms to be treated
  • How rapidly you require a response

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Naturally, heat treatments are costlier than chemical and other alternative insect treatments; however, thanks to the success rate of this method, it is worth considering.

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