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Brighton and Hove is a city in East Sussex, most well-known for its fantastic beach and its unique shopping experience in The Lanes. Brighton has over 8.5 million visitors every year, maintaining its long history in the tourism industry, something it has prided itself on since the 18th century.

However, these large crowds of people have their downside as pests tend to follow them, from gulls and pigeons to rats and mice.

JG Pest Control are a highly trained and well equipped company, able to deal with any pest problem you may be having. Call us on  01273 284003  for more information.

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Pest Control in Brighton

As Brighton is visited by millions of tourists every year, its various restaurants, bars and hotels are common sites for any number of pests, such as bedbugs and cockroaches.

Brighton’s position on the sea shore means that seagulls and other birds are also a common problem, with these pests even becoming aggressive in extreme cases. We understand that these pests can disrupt the daily lives of both home and business owners in Brighton, so we have specialised teams to deal with these pests.

At JG Pest Control, we provide all customers with the highest quality service and we are fully qualified to deal with any type of pest infestation, however big or small. For more information or an instant quote, call us on  01273 284003  .

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Selection of pests we deal with are:

JG’s Pest Control Services in Brighton

We have a lot of experience with the types of pest infestations that come with a large tourist industry, having previously been based in London, and we are confident that we can deal with any pest problem that you may be dealing with.

Our fast and efficient services all come with a guarantee, so to get rid of your pest problem now, call us on  01273 284003  .

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