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JG Pest – Move House Without Taking The Bed Bugs

Moving to a new house can be an exciting (and stressful) experience for the whole family. If you have a bed bug issue in your current home, the last thing you want to do is move home with your bed bugs.

In this blog post we share some top tips to help you move to a new house without taking the bed bugs. However, if any do get into your new home, make sure you call us. Our professional bedbug removals experts can get the bedbugs out of your home before they spread.

Bed bugs are often considered as a homeowner’s worst nightmare, and for good reason too. Once a home becomes infested with bed bugs, they can be extremely hard to get rid of. If you’re looking to avoid taking bed bugs to your new home with you, then this is a must-read blog post for you.

If you think by simply moving home, you can leave the bed bug infestation behind, you’re sadly wrong. Bed bugs can easily move with you and your belongings. If you have a serious bed bug infestation, the bed bugs will be in your furniture, soft furnishing, beds, mattresses, bedding, sheets and more.

The best way to ensure that you move to a new house without taking the bed bugs with you, is to eradicate the bed bug infestation before you go. By booking a professional bed bug treatment services to come to your current home, you will have the best chance of moving to a new house without taking the bed bugs with you.

As well as have a professional pest control company remove the bed bugs from your home, there are other things that you can do too. For example, we would recommend that you wash all your clothing and bedding on a hot wash. We recommend that you then dry the washing at the highest possible heat too. These high temperatures will help to kill off any bed bugs or larvae that is nesting among the fabrics of your bedding and clothing.

If you have got rid of the bed bugs before you move to your new home, make sure you avoid using old packaging materials. Old suitcases and boxes will often be forgotten when ridding bed bugs from your home. However, bed bugs could be nesting in them. Instead of using old packaging materials for the more, we recommend packing your belongings in new, clean and sealable bags. These should be kept away from previously infested areas to help reduce the risk of moving to a new house with the bed bugs.

If you noticed bed bugs in your current home, or your new home, call our team. We can discuss the bed bug infestation and recommend the best solution for you and your home.