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JG Pest – Does A Heat Treatment Get Rid Of All Bed Bugs?

When you have a bed bug infestation this will include adults, nymphs and eggs. The adults are the biting ones. Meanwhile the bed bugs eggs can often go unseen – until they hatch and become biting adults.

When it comes to getting rid of a bed bug infestation in your home, there are two problems that many homeowners face.

1. Bed bugs are excellent at hiding.
2. Bed bugs are resistant to a lot of chemicals that you can buy in stores.

These two issues put together can make a bed bug infestation a living nightmare for homeowners. It can also be quite a challenging job for pest control experts too, especially when they’re not professionals and experienced in bed bug infestations.

Some pest control companies will place traps through a property in the hope this will catch all the bed bugs. While it will catch and kill a lot of the bed bugs, it won’t get them all. The traps won’t get the eggs. This means in a few weeks’ time you’ll be stuck with adult bed bugs again.

Other pest control companies will use chemicals in your home. Some of these will work, but often the bed bugs have adapted to them and will survive. These chemicals often can’t be spread throughout the house so bed bugs will be left in cluttered corners or lesser-used rooms. Slowly, they will begin to spread through the home again.

A heat treatment is a great way to get rid of all the bed bugs in your home. However, the home needs to be well prepared so the heaters can move through the home freely. The heat treatment works at 49 degrees Celsius. This heat is strong enough to kill a bed bug on contact. The heaters will be taken throughout the home to penetrate the walls and ceilings. As the pests can not withstand the heat, it will kill them all.

If you would like to book a heat treatment to get rid of all the bed bugs in your home, call our team. We will tell you how to properly prepare for a heat treatment service. This will ensure that all the bed bugs are killed in your home, and the eggs too.