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JG Pest Control – Why You Shouldn’t Feed Pigeons In Cities

Think Mary Poppins and the famous ‘Feed The Birds’ song – it was normal to feed the birds and people even paid for the privilege of feeding them in cities like London. However, the practice of feeding birds is now banned in lots of places, like Trafalgar Square for example. In other towns and cities, feeding pigeons is discouraged. While you might think this isn’t fair, read on to find out why you shouldn’t feed pigeons in cities and the damage it can cause if you do.

• Bird Droppings
Pigeons generate a huge number of droppings all the time. These droppings are not only unsightly and annoying, but they are also extremely acidic. While it can be annoying for a bord dropping to land on your shoulder or head, if the dropping lands on a building or car it will gradually eat away at the surface. These droppings can even damage metal if left over a length of time. By feeding pigeons in towns and cities, you are encouraging them to stay in these areas and make this damage to your town or city.

• Nesting
Pigeons like to build their nests under cover, away from strong winds. This can often mean they build their nests on roofs or under solar panels. These nests can block drains and damage gutters. The gutters can become blocked which means the water cannot flow easily along the gutters and through the downpipes. This can result in causing the gutters to overflow and the water damaging the roof. The gutters can also collapse or bend under the extra weight of the blockages from the nests.

• Diseases
Pigeons are classed as pests. This is because they spread disease. Pigeons are known to carry a wide variety of viruses and bacteria. Like other pests, pigeons also carry mites. Pigeons can also be extremely aggressive, especially if you are eating food that they want. Just because you like feeding the pigeons, doesn’t mean the young child with a sandwich wants to share hers with a pigeon, but the pigeon doesn’t understand this. This is when young children and vulnerable adults can become attacked by pigeons for the food they are eating.

These are the main reasons that you shouldn’t feed pigeons in towns and cities. If you live in a town or city or run a business in a town or city that struggles with pigeons, call out bird control team. As pigeon control experts for guidance and help to rid you of your pigeon pest problem.