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JG Pest Control – Why Do Moles Make Molehills?

Many people have never seen a mole in real life. This is because they live almost entirely underground. While they only grow to between 11cm and 16cm and have tiny eyes and limited eyesight – they can still be a common garden pest.

Moles are very good at finding their way around underground to sources of food and water. While moles will often avoid each other as they prefer to be alone, they will often find a mate for the breeding season between February and June.

Moles are like all burrowing animals. They dig every day. As a mole digs a shallow tunnel just below the surface of the lawn or flower bed, the excess soil is pushed up to create what are known as mole holes. These tunnels are temporary. Moles make them just to food such as earthworms and other insects.

Moles are extremely territorial, so you may find lots of mole holes in your garden. These will be from just one mole who has made lots of tunnels to find food. They are most active between early winter and spring and then is when you will be more likely to see mole holes in your garden.

While you may think that moles look cute, moles can cause a lot of damage to your garden and home. For example, they eat the earthworms that are really beneficial to the health of your garden. As mole make their tunnels, they will disturb the roots of small plants and seedlings. Mole holes also look unsightly and need to be cleared away before you mow the lawn.

However, the great damage caused by moles in your garden is the mole holes. As the tunnels are created, they make the earth unstable in your garden and around your home. This will result in ridges and depressions on your lawn. This will make it difficult to mow your lawn, and dangerous for you to walk on it. Your lawn can become a minor safety hazard.

While patting down the mole hill will get rid of the mole hole, it won’t get rid of the moles. They are known diggers, so they will just keep digging more tunnels and holes in your garden. If you have a mole problem in your garden call our team.

We can help you control the moles in your garden and resolve your pest issue, give us a call today!