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JG Pest Control – What Is The Scratching Sound In My Roof?

Have you found yourself laying in bed at night hearing scratches in your roof? This could be the sound of pests living in the roof. Pests such as rats, mice and squirrels will all be very happy living in your roof or loft. It’s warm, cosy and dry. This makes it the perfect space to sleep, live and breed. However, as a home owner it is likely you won’t be too keen on these pests living in your loft.

What Is The Scratching Sound In My Roof?

The sounds you could hear from your roof could be pests running across the ceiling. You may also hear screeching noises, yelps and even squeals. This is the pests marking their territory from other pests or breeding sounds.

How Do The Pests Get In The Roof?

Roofs are very attractive to mice, rats and other rodents – especially in the colder weather. This is because the roof offers comfort, warmth and a dry, spacious area to live. While mice and rats will often get into your roof by climbing the drain pipes, squirrels will gain access to your rood through gaps or cracks. Some pests will enter your roof through a chimney or migrate from another part of your home.

Why Are Pests In My Roof A Problem?

While the scratching sound in the roof can be an annoyance, it is not the only problem of pests in the roof. Once the pests are in your roof, they will begin to build nests and breed. Rodents multiple very quickly and can quickly cause serious damage to your roof, loft and home.

Rodents are known to gnaw on things. They do this to keep their teeth filed down. However, the things that they gnaw on can include roof timbers, brick, concrete and even metal.

If you have any electrical cables in your roof space, it is likely that rodents will chew on these too. In turn, this can cause interruptions to your power supply and even become a serious fire risk.

What To Do About The Scratching Sound In Your Roof?

Firstly, give it a few days. The rodents may find that your roof space is not ideal for them. Therefore, they will just be passing through and soon find a home in someone else’s roof.

However, if the problem persists are you can still hear a scratching sound in your roof, we recommend you do an inspection. Look for things like the pests themselves, nests or rodent pellets. If you spot any of these things, call in the experts. Our pest removal experts will complete a full and thorough inspection of your roof space and rid you of your pests and the scratching sound in your roof.

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