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JG Pest Control – Treating An Ant Infestation

The Black Garden Ant is the most common ant pest control problem for many home and business owners in the UK. Each colony of Black Garden Ants can hold up to 10,000 ants. Now you can see why an ant infestation can be such a large and annoying problem. Further to this, while each colony will only have one queen, this queen can live for up to 15 years!

You will often find ants in the garden around flower pots, the corners of the garden and within the gaps of patio stones. However, ants will often make the quest into homes and businesses looking for food. Ants are not picky eaters. They will happily help themselves to your leftovers, any fruit you have left out or even other insects. This is why it is so important that food is not left out and any food left out should be in tightly sealed containers.

If food is left out, it will attract more ants. If food is kept stored away safely and securely the ants will find another home to infest. Keep your food stored securely away to avoid an ant infestation in your home.

Have you noticed an ant infestation in your home?

The first thing to remember is that ants will travel quite some distance in search of food. You need to try and identify the origin of their nest and where they have come from. A tell-tale sign of an ant’s nest is pushed up soil in a small mound.

Look for the entry points around your home or business. Fill these with ant powder or salt if you would prefer. It works as a great deterrent for ants. Cinnamon is another good deterrent for ants, but it can be harmful to some household pets – in which case salt could be the safest option, or pet friendly ant powder.

It’s important that you keep your kitchen and all food preparation areas clean and spotless. Any sticky residues will just attract ants who will tell the rest of the colony about the sticky treat. Remember to clean up all traces of food throughout the house and not just the kitchen too. Crumbs down the back of the sofa of sticky sweets dropped on the floor are all a temptation for ants.

We recommend that you kill any ant that you see and hoover your floors regularly too. This will help reduce the risk of ants forming and leaving a trail through your home from the nest.

The biggest issue with ants is that they are extremely common, there are lots of them and they can easily enter homes. While it is a good idea to practice good ant control measures in your home, if you do have ant infestation, call in the experts. As professional pest control specialists we can help rid the ants from your home or business.

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