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JG Pest Control – Three Ways You Should NOT Remove A Wasps Nest

The thing about wasps is that they are very aggressive. They require very little aggravation to attack so the DIY ideas of how to get rid of wasps, will only anger the wasps and make it more likely that you will become stung or seriously harmed by the wasps. In short – DIY wasp nest removal is NOT recommended.

• Wasp Nest Burning
Setting fire to a wasp nest to get rid of it is not only dangerous, but also in-effective. Wasp nests are made of thin papery substances. This makes them extremely flammable. Setting light to a wasp nest can lead to a further and more serious fire to your home, business or near by buildings. This could result in seriously painful burns to your skin.

Wasp next burning also doesn’t work. While it may kill some of the wasps, it is unlikely to kill them all as they will fly out as the fire starts. However, as they fly out, they will be angry, and this could result in wasp stings for you and any other bystanders.

• Wasp Nest Flooding
Some websites will recommend that you use water to flood a wasp nest. However, this also isn’t an effective way of getting rid of a wasp nest. If your wasp nest is found in your loft or within your home, for example, by flooding the wasp nest, you could be causing serious water damage to your home. This will cost a lot more to repair than it would cost you to call out the wasp removal specialists.

Just like setting fire to the wasp nest, flooding the wasp nest will not work either. This is because it won’t get rid of all the wasps that live in the nest. Some wasps may die in the flood. Meanwhile, other wasps will quickly leave the nest to avoid being flooded. They will leave angry and aggravated and will be likely to attack anyone near by the nest.

• Wasp Nest Bashing
Another wasp nest removal technique that some websites suggest is to bash the wasp nest with a baseball bat, racket or similar item. The idea behind this technique is that you will frighten the wasps and give them a headache so they will leave. However, just like humans with a headache – it will put them in a bad mood. When wasps are in a bad mood they will sting and attack.

The other issue with this wasp nest removal technique is that, once more, it doesn’t work. The angry wasps will get angry, come and attack those nearby, then return to wasp nest and repair any damage. The wasp nest is made from is made from their chewed-up paper so pretty easy to repair any damage to the nest. Another issue with using a bat to hit the nest is that you will be very close to the nest when the angry wasps begin to fly out. You will be their first target!

If you notice a wasp nest in or around your home or business, we recommend you call in our wasp removal expects. They will get rid of your wasp nest safely and effectively.