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JG Pest Control – The Wasps Are Coming!

There are very few people that like wasps. They are often seen as the unwanted guest to any outdoor event, the destroyer of a relaxing picnic and the annoying buzzing pest around your drinks in the beer garden of any pub. They are not just annoying though. There is the threat and worry that they will sting at any moment. For some people, this wasp sting could be fatal.
Here at JG Pest Control, we are professional wasp removal experts. We can help rid your home or business of wasps and help get rid of the annoying and dangerous pests for you.

It is believed that wasps have been around for over 200 million years. They are identified by their thin bodies and yellow and black colouring. Wasps are sometimes confused for bees or hornets, by some people and from a distance. What many people do not realise is that a female wasp is the only one with a stinger at the end of its tail.

I Think I Have A Wasps Nest.

If you think you might have a wasp’s nest, then the first thing you need to do is look for activity. In some cases, the wasp nest may not be visible, but the activity will be very visible. You will often notice that activity peaks around the mid-summer months. You may see wasps going into a small hole in a wall, shed or tree. It is likely that the wasp nest is behind that hole.

Lofts and sheds are popular locations for wasps to build their nests. However, wasps often build their nests on the ground too. Compost heaps, under kids’ playhouses or within small garden walls are also common places for wasps to nest.

A wasp’s nest is made from chewed up wood and saliva. This makes a water proof nest that is papery and light in weight. You’ll know when you see a wasp’s nest. We highly recommend that you do NOT remove the wasp nest yourself. The wasps will be protecting their nest and the queen – they will attack if you try to move or damage their nest.

Call in the wasp removal experts to safely remove the wasp nest from your home or business.