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JG Pest Control – The Diseases Carried By UK Pests

A pest is known as a pest, as opposed to a pet, animal or insect as they cause a nuisance to humans. A nuisance can be the damaging of properties, the mess they leave or the spread of disease. There are a number of diseases that are carried by a selection of UK pests. This is exactly what we talk about in this blog post.
So, which diseases are carried by pests in the UK?


Flies carry diseases that can be potentially fatal to human beings. They can carry diseases such as typhoid fever, E Coli and cholera. Flies are also riddled with bacteria. This bacterium lives in their stomach. They vomit this bacterium onto food to dissolve it and then re-eat it. This means that as flies land on your food, they are probably leaving bacteria there for you to eat.


The standard flea carries a lot of diseases that can affect humans as well as pets. Fleas can spread diseases like typhus and bubonic plague. However, the bubonic plague is rarer than typhus which is common if you have flea infestations. Another disease that can come from fleas is bartonella. This is a disease that is usually transmitted from cats to humans.


Cockroaches are more common in restaurants and cafes. They carry diseases such as diarrhoea and dysentery. In some countries, they can even cause leprosy. These diseases spread who a cockroach contaminates food. Many people will have allergies that can be triggered by cockroaches. This is because their skin contains allergens. These allergens can even trigger asthma attacks in humans.


Tocks are known for spreading viruses as well as a variety of diseases. The most serious of the diseases that ticks can spread is Lyme disease. This is caused by bacteria. The illness of Lyme disease can cause a number of symptoms including pain in the joints, fatigue, fever and all over pain.


Rodents are one of the worst UK pests for spreading diseases. This is because rodents have a much greater interaction with humans, and they are much larger too. The most common disease spread by rodents is salmonella. This will often lead to food poisoning. Rats and mice can also cause other issues such as rat bite fever, plague and more.


Birds are not often seen as a common pest, but they really are. Just like the other pests we have mentioned, birds spread diseases too. The diseases that birds spread are often transmitted through their faeces. Research shows that birds are able to transmit over 50 diseases including avian flu and E Coli as just two examples. Birds also carry ticks that can be left behind when a bird nests, and then enter their way into homes.

Many diseases are carried by pests in the UK. If you think you have a pest problem, call in the experts – before it’s too late!