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JG Pest Control – The 4 Things That Happen to Pests In Winter

You’d be forgiven for thinking that pests are only around in the summer months. After all, that’s the only time you see them. However, pests are still around in the winter months. Therefore you need to take steps to ensure your home is pest free throughout the year.

There are 4 things that happen to pests in the winter months. In this blog post we talk you through what could be happening with the pests in your home.

• Winter Pests Migrate

There are some insects that live in seasonal plants. This means, when winter comes, they need to find a shelter that is warm and has something for them to eat. Just like some birds, some pests choose to migrate ready for the winter months. You’ll see all the usual pests and insects back in your home or garden during the spring months.

• Winter Pests Hibernate

Some bugs and pests hibernate instead of migrating. Once the insects have eaten more food, put on more weight and got rid of excess water from their bodies they will look for shelter. These shelters will often be the chimneys, nooks in the roof, loft spaces and holes in walls throughout your home. Make sure you check for spaces like these before the winter months. You then need to fill them in to avoid these household pests making homes in your home.

• Winter Pests Reproduce

Many pests have a seasonal reproductive cycle. This enables them to have the natural cover when they need it. They are also then prepared for the spring season as it comes round. There are some pests that will not last the winter months, such as moths for example. For pests like these, they will produce eggs that will survive through winter. Many people experience moth problems in spring because these eggs have gone unnoticed.

• Winter Pests Infest Homes

A lot of pests will be desperate to survive the winter months so they will find anywhere they can to stay warm and dry. While pests are not the perfect housemates for you, your home is often the perfect place for them to eat, sleep, play and breed. Many insects will enter your home, find somewhere to hide and promptly fall asleep. They will remain there until the first warm day of spring, and then you’ll see them clearly throughout your home. Keep a close eye on lofts, wardrobes, holes in your wall and garages.

If you would like some advice on avoiding pest infestations this winter, give our specialist pest controllers a call. They’ll be only too happy to help.