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JG Pest Control – Tell-Tale Signs Of Wasp Nests

If you have noticed a lot of wasps around your home or near you at work, chances are that there is a wasp’s nest. If it’s not a wasp’s nest, then there is something else that is very attractive to wasps. This could be a popular picnic area, an outdoor bar with sweet and sticky treats or similar.

The thing about wasps’ nests is that they are incredibly well built. They are made of a mixture of chewed wood and wasp saliva that makes a papier mache type material. While the wasps nest is lightweight it is really durable and waterproof too. Hundreds of wasps will work together to build the nest.

Although hundreds of wasps build the nest, each wasp’s nest can hold up to 5,000 wasps during peak activity. This is around late summertime, dependent on the weather throughout the year.

You may not be able to see a wasp’s nest near your home or business. This is because they are usually made in sheltered places. You may find them under trees or in bushes for example. Some wasps make their nests in wall cavities or under eaves. You might even find a wasp’s nest in your shed or garage.

The tell-tale sign of a wasp’s nest is wasps! If you have seen a lot of wasps, you probably have a nest somewhere. The best way to workout where the wasps are coming from is to carefully follow a worker wasp. These are the female wasps and they’ll be able to lead you to their nest.

You might spot a small wasp’s nest in the early spring. It could be the size of a golf ball for example. A wasp nest of this size would suggest it is one solitary queen wasp and a few worker bees.

However, if the wasp nest is left to grow, as the summer months go past the wasp’s nest could soon be the size of a beach ball. At a wasp nest of this size, you can expect that there are easily thousands of wasps in the nest.

It’s important to note that the earlier the wasp’s nest is treated the smaller the colony and the less aggressive they will be. If you spot a wasp nest near your home or business, we recommend you call in a professional pest controller. They can come to your address and remove the troublesome nest safely and with minimal disruption to you, your family or your business.

Looking for a local pest controller for your wasp control? Call our team of wasp removal experts today on – 0330 053 9001.