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JG Pest Control – Our Top Mice Prevention Tips

Here at JG Pest Control, we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. Preventing mice from entering your home in the first place, will be your first line of defence against a potential mouse infestation in the future.

In this blog post we put together our top mice prevention tips to not only prevent a mouse infestation in your home, but also deter mice.

• Look for holes and potential entry points around your home. Any crack or hole greater than quarter of an inch offers mice a space to get into your home. Fill these holes and potential entry points with expandable foam.

• If you have any pipes that lead to outside water supplies such as hot water tanks or hose pipes, seal them. This can be done with steel or bronze wool and will deter mice from entering your home.

• Check your attic for gaps, maintain all your vents too and check under windowsills for easy entry points available to mice. If you find any potential entry points, make sure you fill them in.

• If you have a chimney in your home cap or screen it with mouse proofing. This will stop mice climbing up and down your chimney to get into your home with ease.

• Do you have out buildings or a garage? We recommend installing door sweeps to the bottom of them. This helps fill a potential gap for mice to sneak in.

• Make sure you don’t leave pet food or food waste out on display. When food is thrown away make sure you seal it and put it in sealed bins with lids.

• When it comes to food storage, we always say it’s the higher the better. Food should be stored in glass, metal or plastic containers and placed in closed cupboards ideally.

• Try to avoid hoarding and excess clutter around your home. This offers mice the perfect places to hide and shelter in. They can also use some of the materials in your clutter to make nests.

• If you have small cracks and crevices around your home place peppermint oil or cayenne pepper near them. Anything like this has a strong smell will deter mice from your home. Peppermint oil tends to work best and can be placed on dryer sheets around your home and garden too.

If you have noticed mice or signs of a mouse infestation in your home, call our team. We have professional mice specialists that can help rid your home of your pest problem. Call us now to find out more.