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JG Pest Control – My Neighbour Has Rats, What Should I Do?

If you have seen rats around your home and they are coming from or living in your neighbour’s property or garden – this can be horrible. In this blog post we look at what you should do if there are rats coming around your property from a neighbouring property.

If you are a tenant, renting your home or business space then you need to tell your landlord. It is the responsibility of the landlord to remove pest infestations from their commercial or domestic properties. This is even the case if the pests are coming from a nearby property and not from their property. This is because the pests will adversely affect the rental property and those within the property.

However, if it is your property and you are the owner or the landlord, then you will need to deal with the pest infestation. If there are rats in the proximity of your home or business, this is what you can and should do.

• Talk

Your neighbour may not have noticed the rats. The first step is to go and talk to your neighbour, tell them about the problem. If possible, show them where the rats are, or evidence the rats are coming from their property. Be polite and share your concerns. See how your neighbour reacts and ask how they plan to move forward.

• Sealing

While your neighbour takes action, seal off any potential entrance points. This will include holes or cracks in your fence, garage, attic or cellar for example. By closing off these entrance points you are reducing the ways for the rats to enter your business, home or garden.

• Professionals

If you have noticed a lack of action from your neighbours, you will need to call in the professionals for your rat infestation. Leaving the issue in hope that your neighbours will deal with it could result in a much bigger issuer and damage to your property too. Call our team of rat control experts. We can recommend the best possible advice to get rid of the rats and stop them returning too.

• Environmental Health

Calling the local authority’s environmental health department should be your last port of call. If the rat problem from a neighbouring property continues, then they need to be contacted. This is especially the case if you feel that the rat infestation poses a danger to your health, the health of other humans or environmental health. They will arrange for an inspection of the property and decide how to proceed with the matter.

Need help with a rat problem at your property? Call our team now.