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JG Pest Control – Managing Common Summer Pests: Wasps

As summer comes, we can all look forward to the great outdoors. Family gatherings, garden parties, picnics in the park, beach days and more. However, a fly buzzing around the salad, ants all over the patio or running away from a wasp that wants your ice cream quickly changes the mood!

Whether you are having a BBQ with the family or have friends’ round for a garden party – the last thing you want is common summer pests ruining the mood.

We have created a series of blog posts looking at managing common summer pests. In this blog post we share some advice on managing wasps. Pop back to our blog to see how to manage other common summer pests such as ants and houseflies.

How To Manage Wasps This Summer

There are not a lot of people that like wasps. They are often referred to as angry bees that will sting people left, right and centre. However, they do have an important part to play. Wasps pollinate many plants. In fact, some species of flowers would not be around if it wasn’t for wasps. But – that doesn’t make them less annoying.

Wasps hate strong aromas like peppermint and citronella. If possible, sprinkle the area with peppermint oil. You could also have citronella candles burning on tables and across the garden. Both peppermint and citronella will deter wasps. You could also place some sweet-smelling food away from your event. This could distract the wasps to that area instead of the food you are eating.

If you have a wasp’s nest, this is not something that you should tackle yourself. If a wasp feels like it is under threat, it will attack. While one sting from a wasp might hurt, 30 to 40 stings from a number of wasps could be very serious.

Have you noticed numerous wasps or a wasp’s nest in your garden or near your home? Call our team of wasp nest experts. We can remove your wasp nest safely and securely to ensure you and your family are safe from these common summer pests.