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JG Pest Control – Managing Common Summer Pests: Houseflies

Yeahhh! The warmer weather, sunshine and lighter evenings are finally here. This means we can start having dinner on the patio, drinks in the garden with friends and even the odd BBQ. After all, a glass of wine and the smell of dinner on the BBQ is what many people see as the perfect way to enjoy the lighter, longer evenings during the warmer summer months.

However, there are a few things that can ruin the perfect summer evening. These are the common summer pests such as wasps, ants and houseflies. Managing these common summer pests is possible, if you know how. This is where we come in.

We have put together a series of three blog posts to help you with managing common summer pests. Our first blog post spoke about wasps. We then looked at managing ants in the summer. In this blog post, we look at managing houseflies this summer.

There are few things that will annoy you more than a housefly whizzing around, buzzing in your ear or flying in front of your face. Although they have the whole house and garden to soar around, their favourite place will always be exactly where you can see or hear them!

While houseflies are a nuisance, they also cause a more serious issue. Houseflies are excellent disease spreaders. This is because they enjoy feeding on rotting plants and animal waste. Further to that, it’s important to remember their feeding method. Houseflies eat their food and them vomit it up – onto whatever they are sat on. This could be your delicious burger or potato salad!

If a fly has landed on your food, it is recommended that it is quickly disposed of to avoid the risk of disease being spread through the food to your friends, family and guests.

You can repel and catch houseflies relatively easily. Things like window screens will stop them coming in your home. Sticky fly paper can also help catch the flies. There are some good aerosol insecticides on the market too.

However, if you find that you frequently have large swarms of houseflies in your home and there is no obvious source, it’s time to call in the experts. Our professional housefly removal experts can help rid your home of houseflies.

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