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JG Pest Control – Managing Common Summer Pests: Ants

The warmer summer months will soon be upon us. With the warm sunny weather comes the thoughts of outdoor gatherings, cocktail parties in the garden and BBQs with neighbours. While these are wonderful things to look forward to… there are things that can ruin them. These include common summer pests such as wasps, ants and houseflies.

We have put together a series of blog posts to help you with managing common summer pests, so they don’t ruin the mood at your outdoor event. We have previously shared advice for managing wasps and next up we will share tips on managing houseflies. In this blog post we share advice for managing the common summer pests that are ants.

While ants are very small summer pests, they can still cause a nuisance. The last thing you want to see is ants all over your table or food. Your friends, family and guests won’t enjoy feeling ants climbing up their legs either!

The most common of the ants in the UK that you will likely come across in your garden is the Black Garden Ant. You will often spot these in a trail leading to sweet-smelling food, and another trail leading back from the food to their nest.

An ant’s nest is usually a small pile of earth. However, even the smallest of disturbance to an ant’s nest will quickly cause a flurry of activity. This is because the ants will feel that they are under attack. A good way of dealing with ants is with sugar-based insecticide. The forager ants will take this back to the nest thinking it is a sweet treat. However, it will cause harm to the ants as it is eaten by the other ants.

It is worth noting that ants can make their nests under floorboards or in wall cavities. While this is less common, it can still happen in UK homes. If you have a lot of ants in your home and can’t find the source – this could be why.

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