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JG Pest Control – How To Avoid Pests In Your Office

Many people think that pest control in the UK only applies to dirty homes and catering or food-based businesses. However, this really isn’t the case. Even the cleanest of homes or businesses can become infested with pests and this can very quickly become a serious issue.

In this blog post we help you understand how to avoid pests in your office. After all, they are a heath risk from disease and contamination. However, pests in the office will affect productivity, staff morale and the reputation of your business.

• What Attracts Pests In Your Office?

The main thing that attracts pests to your office is food. People eat in the office, and they can make a mess. This could be a banana peal left in the office bin, sandwich crumbs in the keyboard or dirty mugs in the sink for example. All of these things are attractive to pests and will attract pests to your office.
But that isn’t all that attracts pests to an office. Offices will often have spaces or rooms that are rarely used. This is perfect for pests. It means that they nest and breed in your stationery cupboard, a storage room or unused office without being noticed of disturbed. In turn, this means that they can quickly multiply while popping out into the office to get food and drink when everyone has finished for the day.

There are loads of nesting materials in the office too. Pests love materials such as paper, cardboard and packaging to make nests out of. Offices tend to have these items in abundance. Your stationery cupboard and storage areas are like a dream mansion to a pest as they have all a pest needs to live, sleep, eat and breed.

• Avoiding Pests In The Office

There are things you can do to avoid pests in the office. For example, you could put a rule in place that people can only eat in designated areas. This will help minimise food debris across the office and desks. If possible, install a dishwasher, or request that all dirty dishes and muds are washed immediately. Create a rota to ensure that all sides of the kitchen are regularly wiped down too.

Your office should be thoroughly vacuumed every day. If you have a cleaner, then they can do this and clean the sides in the kitchen too. As well as these regular cleans in the office, we would recommend a deep clean in the office at least once a year. At this time, make sure any accumulated clutter is thrown away as this could be the perfect nesting material or hiding place for pests in your office.

If you see a pest in your office, it is not something you can ignore or hope it will go away. If you have seen one pest, chances are that there are more somewhere else. As soon as you spot a pest in the office, call in our pest control experts. We will help rid your office of the pest problem and make suggestions to reduce the risk of pests in the future too.