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JG Pest Control – How To Avoid Packing Pests When Packing Away The Xmas Decorations

We have recently shared blog posts about how to avoid bringing pests into your home at Xmas time. However, in this blog post we would like to share how you can avoid packing away pests when packing away the Xmas decorations.

As the festivities come to an end, the cardboard boxes come out. We package up our Xmas decorations in tissue paper. They then get placed in cardboard boxes loosely before being placed in the loft or garage. That’s it until the next year. Out of sight and out of mind, for you anyway!

While you are forgetting about the box of Xmas decorations, the pests in your loft or garage are making themselves at home. You may have put the tissue paper in the boxes to protect delicate Xmas decorations. However, this tissue paper is also the perfect bedding for common household pests.

Instead of storing your Xmas decorations in a cardboard box, place them in an airtight plastic container with a lid. This way your Xmas items will still be protected as the pests will be unable to get into the boxes by chewing holes in the cardboard box.

One of the biggest issues with pests in your Xmas decorations is that rodents can chew through wires. This could be your fairy lights which can result in a risk of fire when you plug them in at Christmas.

As with any pest problem, prevention is always better the cure. Placing your Xmas decorations in a plastic box will help to reduce pests making nests in your home. However, make sure you don’t have pests in your Xmas decorations before you pack them away. Give everything a good shake before packing it away. This way any pests or insects will fall off.

If you do, or have, spotted a pest infestation in your home, you need rapid action. Call our pest specialists now. We can come round to your property and rid you of your pest problems quickly and professionally.