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JG Pest Control – How Do You Bring Bed Bugs Home?

It’s rumoured that one in five people in the UK have experienced a bed bug infestation. Being bitten by a bed bug is similar to being bitten by mosquito. It can be very painful and very itchy. However, unlike mosquitos that can often be seen or heard easily – bed bugs can hide all over your home and spread like wildfire if you’re not careful.

If you don’t act on a bed bug infestation as soon as you spot the signs of bed bugs, you could end up stuck in a bed bug cycle of infestation for some time. But how do you get bed bugs in your home? Chances are you bring bed bugs home, or guests bring bed bugs to your home.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are very small creatures that are a reddish brown in colour. They look very similar to apple seeds in their shape. While bed bugs do not have windows, they can move very quickly and are excellent at hiding in small cracks and crevices around your home. The favourite place of a bed bug to hide is in carpeting, bed frames, in the stitching of your duvet or the edges of your mattress. Like vampires, bed bugs wake up during the night and drink human blood. This is why they are commonly found in bedrooms and around beds – because this is where the humans (their food) sleeps.

How Do You Bring Bed Bugs Home?

Bed bugs are incredibly small, their heads are smaller than the head of a pin. However, they are very smart creatures. As we explained, they can’t fly, but they can quickly move and attach themselves within something.
The most common way you can bring bed bugs home is on your clothes after staying in a hotel. Lots of guests from all sorts of walks of lives have stayed in the hotel rom you stay in. They may have bought bed bugs with them and some of these have stayed in the hotel room waiting for you. You then stay for a night or two, they get in your clothes, which are packed in your suitcase. Next thing you know, they’re in your house.

You can also bring bed bugs home by brushing past another person that has bed bugs in their clothes. This could happen on a train or on the tube, in the supermarket, on the plane or even walking in the park. Make sure you keep your space from other people to help avoid picking up bed bugs and accidentally taking them home.

It is also possible to pick up bed bugs from the cinema, theatre or restaurants. Just like a hotel room, this is where people spend their time. If they have bed bugs on their clothes these could fall off onto the seat. You then come into the venue and sit in the same seat. The bed bugs snuggle into your clothing and before you know it you’ve taking them home too.


All it takes is one bed bug egg or one bed bug coming home with you to start an infestation. A single bed bug lays around 250 eggs in its lifetime. By bringing home just one bed bug you could have a bed bug infestation within a matter of days.

If you think you may have bed bugs in your home, give our team a call. We can talk through the signs to see if you have them and send round our bed bug pest control to remove the pest issue for you.