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JG Pest Control – How Do I Know If I Have Rats In My Garage?

Rats will often be more afraid of you than you are of them, so it unlikely you will see them out in the open. However, as they grow in number, they quickly outgrow the spaces where they hide and live. This is when they are more likely to spotted out in the open of your garage space.

So, what is it that attracts rats to your garage?

Rats don’t just come across a new home, they look for a new home that has key factors to attract them. Garages are often common places for rats to live because they can stay, undisturbed for a long time and a garage will often have the key factors rats look for in a new home. We have listed these four key factors that will encourage rats in your garage below:

• Food

Like all pests and animals, rats will not stay in one place if there is no food. The thing about rats, however, is that they are not picky. If you have fruits and vegetables or any other packaged food stored in your garage, this will be ideal for rats. If you have a garden where you are growing food, this is even more attractive to a rat to use your garage as their potential home.

• Water

If you have water in your garage, then you have ticked the second box of key factors rats look for in their future home. It’s a good idea to fix any leaking taps or pipes to avoid the treat of water for rats. If there are any puddles of water on your floor, we would recommend you look for the course, clean up the puddle and fix the source of water too. Having a water butt near your garage can be a tempting attraction to rats too.

• Cramped Spaces

Garages are cluttered environments with lots of cramped spaces for rats to hide in. Not only does your garage offer a warm shelter for rats to stay in, but there are lots of great hiding spaces for rats to live undisturbed. A great way to clear out any potential rat hiding spaces in your garage is to declutter your garage and have a tidy up.

• Pest Infestation

If you have had a pest infestation or rats living in your garage before, it is likely that there will still be pest nesting in your garage. New rats will be able to smell this previous rat nest residue, and this will attract them to your garage. The best way to avoid a second pest infestation in your garage it to call in the professional pest controllers to get rid of them properly the first time. This will reduce the risk of nest residue being left behind. In turn, this will reduce the attraction for rats returning.

If you spot a rat or there are signs of rats in your garage, call in the rat removal experts sooner rather than later. The longer you leave them, the bigger the rat issue will become. We have the skills, experience and tools needed to remove your rat issue from your garage.