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JG Pest Control – How Are You Attracting Unwanted Pests To You Home?

Nobody wants to attract unwanted pests to their homes. However, without even realising you may be laying out the ‘welcome mat’ and rolling out the red carpet to pests in your local area. Some pest infestations are harder to get rid of than others.

In this blog post we share just some of the ways that you might be attracting unwanted pests into your home. As a result of this you can be starting a serious pest infestation. So, follow the tips below to avoid unintentionally attracting pests into your home.

Rubbish Bins

Waste is attractive to nearly all pests. Bins inside your home will attract insects, while bins outside will attract foxes, birds and rodents. Make sure all your bins are tightly sealed and never overflowing.


Spillages, crumbs, food not cleaned up properly or foot not correctly stored can all be attractive to unwanted pests. It’s a good idea to properly clean up unwanted food and store food in airtight containers wherever possible. Fruit bowls with overripe fruit can be attractive to flies that can quickly multiply too.


Clutter in your loft, garage or shed can be like a fabulous new home for many pests. The room provides the shelter they need, and the clutter gives them all the hiding spaces and nesting materials they might need. These spaces are often left undisturbed for months – making them all the better for pests.


Unkept and overgrowing gardens can be a hotspot for pest breeding and nesting. While you might not mind them in your garden, chances are they will venture into your home in search of food. Some of these pests can cause damage to your home climbing from your garden up the side of your house, damaging gutters and roofing too.

Pet Food

Pests are attracted by pet food as well as human food. It’s a good idea to keep pet food off ground level and store it in airtight containers too. This will avoid it being attractive to rodents and other similar pests. Be careful leaving pet food outside for your cat or dog to return too, as nearby mice and rats will see that as a free meal for them.

Bird Feeding

Leaving out food for the local birds to visit your garden, could result in you inviting other pests to your garden too. We recommend placing a tray underneath any bird feeders. This will prevent the seeds from spilling to the ground and attracting mice, rats and other pests to your garden.

If you have noticed pests in your home or garden, call our pest removal team today. We can eradicate your pest problem and by following the advice above, you can avoid future pests too.