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JG Pest Control – Have Fleas Moved Into Your Home?

If you suspect that you have fleas in your home, you need to act quickly. In this blog post we share some of the tell-tale signs that fleas have moved into your home. If you notice any of these signs in your home, then you need to contact our flea infestation experts. They can help rid your home of fleas before the flea infestation gets much more serious.

It’s worth noting, before checking if fleas have moved into your home, that female fleas can lay around 1,5000 during their lifespan. This means that if you have spotted one flea in your home, there are probably many more.

A female flea will take a meal of blood from an infested animal. As they do this, they will lay their eggs. These eggs will then drop onto surrounding furniture, clothing and even the floor. They will then develop into larvae, and you will quickly have a much bigger flea problem on your hands.

Signs That Fleas Have Moved Into Your Home;

•Have you noticed that your pets are constantly scratching, biting or licking themselves? This is a sure sign that your pets have fleas in their fur.

•When stroking or cuddling your pet, check their fur. You may see fleas, flea droppings or flea dirt on or deeper into the coat of your pet.

•A good way to see if your pet has fleas in their fur is to take a piece of paper. Put a few drops of water on the paper and comb it through your pet’s fur. Look at the paper afterwards. If you see black specks that fall out, or if they turn red, then your pet has fleas.

•Do members of your family have small red bites around their ankles? It is likely this could be fleas that have hidden in the carpets or be in the floor.

•After holding your pet for a long length of time, can you see bites on your arm? This could be fleas in the pet that have transferred onto you.

•One of the biggest and most obvious signs that fleas have moved into your home is if you see them. They can often be spotted easily on soft furnishings; you may spot them jumping about.

It’s worth noting that it isn’t just homes with pets that have fleas in, People that have pets could bring fleas into your home. You could also pick up fleas in the home of someone with pets. Fleas can also be transferred from wild animals when you are out and about too.

Have you seen a sign of fleas in your home? Call our flea infestation experts now. We will help rid you of the problem before it gets too serious.