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JG Pest Control – Drunken Wasps In Late Summer

Every year in the UK, during the late summer months, homeowners are subject to what is often described as an invasion of drunken wasps. The wasps feed on the apples that have dropped from the trees. These apples are on the turn and beginning to turn into cider. It is this that makes the wasps drunk when eating them.

However, the issue isn’t that the wasps are getting drunk. The worrying problem is that drunk wasps are more liable to attack humans. Throughout the summer wasps will happily eat flies and caterpillars as their natural food source. But, as the summer months continue, this food source begins to dwindle. Wasps then eat the windfall apples, and this is where the drunk wasp invasion problems begin.

Research last year showed that there is around a 40% decrease in insect species. This has happened due to habitat changes for insects. In previous years there have been small family farms with open pastures and hedgerows. These hedgerows are like a mecca for all sorts of wildlife, including insects. But now there are less small family farms, which has resulted in less hedgerows and less insects – so the wasps are looking elsewhere for food.

There was a story in the news of a 2-year-old who was repeatedly stung by wasps that had a nest underneath the slide in a playground. He was stung a total of 12 times and in serious pain when the boys mother rushed him to hospital. Three of the wasps drunkenly flew into his hair and were unable to easily fly back out. The stings caused serious swelling and the child was understandable very upset.

It’s important to be prepared for the drunken wasps in the late summer. There are things you can do to deter wasps from your home and garden. Peppermint oil diluted with water and sprayed around your home, garden and clothing is a really effective wasp deterrent. Fly screens on your doors and windows will also help prevent wasps from entering your home.

However, if you have noticed a large swarm of wasps near your home, or spotted a wasp next, then give us a call. Our wasp control specialists can help get rid of the wasps for you so you can avoid the drunken wasps late this summer.