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JG Pest Control – Does Your Baby Have Bed Bug Bites?

Have you noticed bed bug bites on your baby? Around one in five of all homes in the UK have experienced bed bugs at one time. While they can be very itchy and annoying for adults, it can be extremely distressing for babies, and for parents to see bed bug bites on their child.

In this blog post we share some guidance for bed bug bites on babies and where you may be able to find bed bugs in their rooms.

Bed Bug Bites On Babies

Bed bug bites generally look the same of adults, children and babies. While a bed bug isn’t necessarily dangerous, they can be annoying to adults and cause discomfort. This is even more so the case for babies.

Look for red and itchy bumps on your baby’s skin. They may look like mosquito bites, but the main difference is that there will be a few bites in a group or a line if it is bed bug bites.

Bed bug bites will often only be seen on exposed skin. This includes arms, legs and even your baby’s face. Check your baby each morning and if you notice any new bites on their skin, it’s likely that you’ll have bed bugs in their room.

Spotting Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are really small pests. Their heads are smaller than the head of a pin. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t see them. They are about quarter of inch in length, reddish brown in colour and oval shaped. If you can imagine an apple pip, they are similar to this in shape and size.

Bed bugs will often hide in the seams of your mattress so use a bank card or similar to pull back the seams and see if you can see any. Another tell tale sign of bed bugs is blood stains on the bed. Sometimes bed bugs can be dislodged from your skin when feeding and smashed. The blood they ate from you can be seen on your bed sheets.

You might notice dark brown flecks on your bedding too. This is bed bug waste. While it is unlikely you will see a live bed bug, you may find dead ones across your bedding, mattress or bedroom furniture.

If you spot bed bugs in your home, or any of your family have bed bug bites – call our team. We can arrange for our bed bug specialists to attend your home and remove the bed bug infestation as quickly as possible.