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JG Pest Control – Do You Have One Mouse Or An Infestation?

As temperatures get colder outside, small animals will be looking for warmth and shelter. For example, mice will not be able to survive outside. Instead, they will look for somewhere warm and dry until the warmer spring months arrive. This could be your home, loft, garage or shed.

Here at JG Pest Control our mice infestation experts are often asked the difference between a mouse and a mouse infestation. It’s not difficult to tell the difference in many cases. If you spot a mouse or two, this could be normal. However, if you actively see signs of mice in your home – it’s likely that you have an infestation.

You will notice any of the following four things in your home if you have a mouse infestation. If this is the case, then call our mice experts immediately. We can control your pests and make your home pest free again.

• Rodent Droppings
Finding rodent droppings in your home is a tell-tale sign that you have a mouse in your home. If you see a number of droppings in different areas, it is likely you have more than one mouse in your home. Commonly, you will find mice dropping along your flooring, under appliances, near foods and shelter. These are signs that you have more than one mouse in your home.

• Tail Trails or Tracks
Use a torch behind sofas, cupboards and large furniture where dust can gather. Look for trails of their tails or tracks made with their paws. Mice love to run along the flooring near walls where they feel safe. In these dustier areas you will often see their trails and tracks though. You could use bait in these areas to check if mice are present. The mice in your home will be attracted by sticky sweets, peanut butter or bacon.

• Strange Noises
You might not notice a lot of notice if you have one mouse in your home. However, if you have a mouse infestation in your home, you will hear some strange noises. This can include the floorboards as the mice run across the floor, the scratching at doors or walls. You may also hear your cat or dog reacting to mice in the home as they look out for a safe route across your rooms.

• Stale Odours
Mice have a very distinctive smell. If you have a mouse infestation you will notice a stale smell throughout your home. This will often be the build up of their faeces and urine. You may also notice a musky odour in the home. The nests that mice make, and their breeding can come with its own smells too. Use fans in your home and open windows to get rid of the stale smell. If the smell is still present, then it’s likely that you have a mice infestation in your home and need to call in our pest control experts.

Do you think you have a mouse or mice in your home? Call our team now to find out more.