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JG Pest Control – Do You Have Gulls Nesting Under The Solar Panels?

Over the last ten years or so we have seen a real increase of gulls living in towns and cities. This is because food is easily available to them in these areas. There is plenty of discarded food and waste left on the pavements and streets. The landfill sites in towns and cities offer great scavenging opportunities for gulls too.

Foxes are the main predators for gulls. When a gull finds a home behind solar panels, they are safe from these predators. They are also protected from the elements and bad weather throughout the year. This makes the space behind solar panels the perfect home for many gulls. It’s a place where they can nest and roost.

However, this can cause a lot of problems for homeowners or business owners with gull nesting under solar panels. The gulls will make lots of dropping which can make a building look unpleasant. It will also smell bad. On top of that, the droppings can harbour diseases.

Those in or near to the building will experience a high level of noise from the gulls behind the solar panels. This will be the sounds of nesting gulls and then the squawking sounds of their young.

Gulls will collect nesting materials such as feathers, leaves, twigs and other debris. These will be pushed under the solar panel to make a nest. These homemade nests will reduce the effectiveness of your solar panels. The nesting materials can also cause blockages in your gutters and drains too.

You will find that gulls can be extremely aggressive. This is especially the case in the spring and summer months as they are breeding and raising their young. You may find that the gulls are dive-bombing, attacking or deterring visitors to your home or business.

If you have noticed gulls nesting under the solar panels of your building, call our team. The sooner the pest issue is dealt with, the less damage they can cause. Our pest control experts will visit your property and recommend the best way to rid you of this gull pest problem to protect your property.

Call us now to remove the gulls nesting under the solar panels of your home or business.