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JG Pest Control – Common Christmas Time Pests

Nobody wants a visit from pests this Christmas. However, you may be bringing them, or inviting them into your home without even realising. In this blog post we share some top tips to keep your home free from common Christmas time pests, so you won’t need a pest control services over the festive period.

• Christmas Trees & Wreaths

While real Christmas trees and wreaths look and smell like Christmas, then may also have pests hidden inside them. Many real wreaths and Christmas trees that you bring into your home can have bugs and nests hidden inside them. Pests such as spiders and woodlice are commonly found in natural wreaths and Christmas trees. If you do opt for real, make sure you give them a shake before you bring them in your house. Check that there are nests too otherwise pests could hatch when they’re in your home.

• Christmas Food

Christmas time means lots of food for many families. Large Christmas dinners, buffet and party food left on tables along with sweets and chocolate left out across the home. While it may be a dream for you and your family over Christmas to enjoy so much delicious food, it’s a dream for your common Christmas time pests too. All this delicious Christmas food is very tempting to rats, mice, ants and even cockroaches. Never leave food out, always cover it or put it in sealed containers. If chocolate, treats and other foods are being eaten around the home, make sure they are cleaned up to avoid crumbs, also seen as the perfect ‘pest size’ treats.

• Christmas Wrapping

Christmas wrapping paper is everywhere on Christmas day. Presents are excitedly own and wrapping paper is left strewn around the house. The issue with wrapping paper is that it’s the perfect material for rodents to make their nests with. If you don’t want rats and mice using your wrapping paper for their next home, make sure you dispose of it instead of leaving it lying around. When it gets thrown out, put it in your wheelie bin, not in a bin bag. The rodents will chew through the bag to get to their new festive bedding.

• Christmas Decorations

While Christmas decorations often don’t attract pests during Christmas, it is where and how they are stored that attracts pests. Very often Christmas decorations will be stored in cardboard boxes in the loft or garage, Rodents such as mice and rats find this to be the perfect home for the year until you grab the box and take it in your home. They are then in an even warmed home with delicious food. We would recommend putting your decorations in sealed plastic boxes when they are stored away. When you bring the boxes out each year look out for droppings and urine, as well as nest shapes and rodents.

Need more advice about common Christmas time pests, or Christmas pest control? Call our specialist pest controllers now. If you do have a pest problem over Christmas, give us a call. We will have a team of emergency pest controllers ready to help.