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JG Pest Control – The Problem Of Rats and Cockroaches In Food Processing Businesses

The most common pests in food processing businesses are rats and cockroaches and these can become a real problem. Rats and cockroaches can carry bacteria and viruses. This means that can contaminate food and food contact surfaces which can be very dangerous. Sightings of pests such as rats and cockroaches in a food processing business can lead to a large number of customer complaints.

• Rats In Food Processing Businesses.

There are two different species of rats in the UK. These are known as the black rat and the brown rat. The Norway rat is the brown rat, and it reportedly eats almost one tenth of its body weight each day. Cereals are a very popular food choice for these rats. They also have a high water intake. If you notice ‘run signs’ need water sources, it is likely you haver a rat infestation in your food processing business.
Rats will eat food sources within your business but also chew packaging, food storage, electric wires, ledges, wall insulation and more. As you can see, rats in food processing businesses can cause a lot of problems for business owners.
If you have seen rats or signs of rats in your business, it is highly recommended that you call in the experts in pest control. We can safely and effectively rid you of your rat infestation with minimal disruption to your business.

• Cockroaches In Food Processing Businesses.

Cockroaches have been around for over 200 million years. In this time many of them have developed as pests in the food and catering industries. While they originally thrived in tropical climates, they have spread to all parts of the world through transport and the shipment of goods. If you have the right temperature, humidity and quality of food for cockroaches they will happily move into your business and bring up their large family their too.
The biggest issue with cockroaches in food premises is that easily contaminate food by releasing biowastes. This includes faeces, disgorged food and a foul smell. Cockroaches will also pollute the air in an infected facility. This can include parts of their excrements and exoskeletons too. These particles are allergens. They can cause serious health problems to staff and customers.

Have you noticed signs of cockroaches in your business? Call our pest control experts now to rid you of your cockroach infestation.