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JG Pest Control – Avoid A Bin Full Of Flies This Summer

Something many of us have experienced is flies in the bin. This could be a few flies coming out the bin or an infestation of flies in your kitchen when you lift the lid of the bin. It’s a horrible experience and often more common in the warmer summer months.

So, how can you avoid a bin full of flies this summer?

We have put together some tips below for you.

It’s an unpleasant problem for many, if not all homes. Flies in kitchens is disgusting and nobody wants flies infesting their home. Flies are attracted to bins because they include the food waste that flies feed on. A fly will enter the bin and lay their eggs on the food waste. The eggs hatch into maggots which then become flies. You lift the lid on the bin and out come the flies. This process of eggs to maggots to flies is sped up in the warmer months. This is how you can easily get a bin full of flies in the summer.

A great way to avoid a bin full of flies this summer is to have secure lids on your bins. This will help reduce the access of flies into your bin in the first place. The tighter the lid seals, the less chance there is of flies getting into your bin and laying eggs. If possible, have a cupboard in your home where the bins are stored. This will further reduce the possibility of flies getting into your bins.

Food debris will accumulate in your bins over time, even if you use bags in your bins. It is a good idea to clean your bins regularly when empty. This will help reduce the food debris that collects in the bin over time and remove the attraction for flies. You can call in professionals to clean your bin, or just use soapy water and a garden hose.

To prevent flies in your bin, you need to carry out proper and thorough fly control. If you have flies in your bin, these will eventually end up in your kitchen and throughout your home. In turn, they can then contaminate your food and spread diseases among your family. Flies can even spread bacteria and food poisoning.

If you are struggling with a fly infestation on your home, call our team. Our pest control experts can get rid of the flies in your home. They will also give you tips and ideas to avoid a bin full of flies this summer and in future years. Call us now to find out more.