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JG Pest Control – An Invasion Of Ladybirds

If you are one of the lucky households, you might not be aware that there is such thing as an invasion of ladybirds. However, some people in the UK are well aware, during the months of March and April, that ladybird invasions are a thing. During these months they experience swarms of ladybirds on their front doors, across window frames and on the walls inside their homes.
Ladybirds will swarm in the late autumn weather. As the temperature turns colder, they look for a warm and dry home for the colder winter months. They will hibernate in homes and gardens or find shelter under tree bark and similar. As the weather warms up, they will re-emerge as the warm weather returns in March and April.

It’s important to note that ladybirds are harmless to humans. They don’t sting at all. Ladybirds can bite, but their bites will not cause serious injury or spread disease. So, what’s the problem with an invasion of ladybirds?

A swarm of ladybirds can compromise of hundreds of ladybirds. Due to their group size and their hunt for shelter they can cause damage to your home or property. Ladybirds can become stressed when looking for shelter. When a ladybird is stressed, it will secrete blood for it’s joints in its legs. This will leave an unpleasant smell in your home. The blood can also cause orange stains on furniture, walls, carpets and other soft furnishings.

The best way to deal with an invasion of ladybirds is to stop them getting into your home in the first place. This can be done by blocking up any small access points where ladybirds could gain entry into your home.

If you have a swarm of ladybirds in your home, as the colder autumn months or warmer spring months arrive, call us. It is essential that you get rid of your ladybird infestation before they cause damage to your home.

Our ladybird infestation experts can visit your property and advise you on where they are entering your home. They will also help you get rid of your invasion of ladybirds, so your home is ladybird free once more.