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Bee Removal

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Although bees rarely sting unless provoked, JG Pest Control strongly advises against do-it-yourself bee removal.

A bee sting can be painful and, if you are stung by several bees in succession, can cause anaphylaxis, a state of shock caused by a severe allergic reaction. When dealing with any harmful pests, the best thing to do is get expert help. JG Pest Control will remove any bee problem quickly and, more importantly, safely.

Rehoming Bees

JG Pest Control has an internal bee keeping team; our specialist personnel can be dispatched to a bee problem, often successfully moving bees without harming a single one.

This can only be achieved if access to the bumble bee or honey bee nest is easy. Nests buried in cavity walls or chimneys are often too difficult to remove without harming the bees, so other methods of eradication must be used.

We will always attempt to remove and rehome bees where possible. It is only if this fails that we will consider extermination techniques.

For leading bee control services in London, qualified by BPCA/RSPH, call JG Pest Control now, on 0333 122 3110

Bumble Bee Removal

Bumble bees often find shelter in compost heaps and places like your shed or garage. Here – thanks to our specialist team and safety equipment – we can often simply remove the nest and move it to shrubbery nearby.

The bees will then continue to live as normal, unharmed by their new location.

If a bumble bees’ nest is in your cavity walls, or other hard to reach areas, we may have to apply a chemical treatment to kill the nest.

We will only ever use an extermination method if there is no other realistic option.

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Guaranteed Service

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