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How to Get Rid of Flying Ants

Sun 26th
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Flying Ants

Flying ants cause a significant problem in the summer, as they swarm around your home. Although they don’t cause physical harm or spread diseases, they can be a huge nuisance as they horde in their hundreds, often finding their way into your personal belongings.

What Are Flying Ants?

There is a common misconception that ‘flying ants’ are a unique species of ant. In fact, they come from the same colonies as other ants.

If you have a black ant pest problem, flying ants are likely to follow during warmer months. Flying ants are the males, growing wings during their breeding cycle to find a mate.

Ants tend to nest in cavities within buildings, including homes, schools and any property where they can find access to a hole. They are attracted to these openings as it provides protection and warmth, and often food, such as crumbs or spillages from your kitchen, or a source in your garden.

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How to Kill Flying Ants

When flying ants swarm, they tend to horde in such high numbers that an off-the-shelf pest control product, such as ant powders and sprays, won’t eradicate the problem. A specialist surface spray or fogging treatment, provided by pest control specialists, will instantly diminish the number of living ants.

This, combined with a professional gel or powder ant treatment, will usually offer the best results. If you’re experiencing a problem with flying ants, the best thing to do is contact a professional pest control company.

Why Flying Ants Swarm Around Windows?

When ants are found swarming around the windows in your home, it’s normally due to one of two reasons. The flying ants will either be attempting to find a mate, or a way out of the property. These ants are often disorientated, and will eventually die.

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JG Pest Control’s Ant Eradication Service

JG Pest control offers emergency flying ant pest control and can normally be with you within a matter of hours, if not sooner.

Our service is guaranteed, so you can rest assured that your flying ant problem will be removed quickly and safely with our help.

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